Wingercaribee Shire Council's Digital Transformation with HIVO's Digital Asset Management Solution

Nestled in the lush Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, the Wingercaribee Shire Council found itself at a crossroads. In an age where digital assets are as valuable as physical infrastructure, the Council's existing systems were not meeting the expectation and modern requirements of council staff. After receiving demonstrations and testing all available solutions in Australia, the council's quest for a solution culminated in the adoption of HIVO's Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform—a decision that would redefine it’s digital asset management systems and procedures. You can view the Wingercaribee Shire Council website here:

The Challenge at Hand:

The digital era brought with it a deluge of data and digital assets, from community photos to critical documents. Wingercaribee Shire Council's initial setup was ill-equipped for this new reality, leading to several key challenges:

  • Fragmented Asset Management: The Council's digital assets were scattered across multiple systems, making it a Herculean task to locate and utilize them efficiently.
  • Security Gaps: In handling community data, the Council faced the daunting task of fortifying its digital vaults against ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • Collaboration Bottlenecks: The digital divide within the Council and its external partners hampered the seamless flow of information and collaboration.
  • Scalability Concerns: With an ever-growing repository of digital assets, the Council's infrastructure was straining at the seams, needing a solution that could grow as its digital footprint expanded.

HIVO's Tailored Solution:

Recognizing the Council's plight, HIVO stepped in with a solution modeled on its successful implementation for the West Coast Eagles. This comprehensive DAM platform was designed to address each of the Council's challenges head-on:

  • Unified Asset Management: HIVO introduced a centralized platform where all digital assets could be stored, organized, and accessed with ease, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.
  • Robust Security Measures: The platform was fortified with advanced security features, including tailored user permissions and single sign-on, ensuring the Council's assets were safeguarded against unauthorized access.
  • Facilitated Collaboration: HIVO's solution broke down the walls between departments and external partners, enabling a collaborative ecosystem that was previously unimaginable.
  • Future-Ready Scalability: With a cloud-based infrastructure, the system was designed to effortlessly accommodate growth, ensuring the Council's digital assets were preserved and accessible for the long haul.

Transformative Outcomes:

The implementation of HIVO's DAM solution marked a new era for Wingercaribee Shire Council, with significant improvements observed across the board:

  • Streamlined Operations: The once cumbersome process of managing digital assets became a streamlined, efficient operation, saving time and reducing frustration.
  • Bolstered Security: The Council's digital assets were now under lock and key, with enhanced security protocols ensuring peace of mind for both the Council and its community.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The barriers to effective collaboration were dismantled, paving the way for more dynamic interactions and partnerships.
  • Sustainable Growth: The scalable nature of HIVO's solution meant that the Council was now equipped to handle its digital evolution gracefully, without fear of outgrowing its infrastructure.


The Wingercaribee Shire Council's partnership with HIVO is more than just a case study in digital asset management; it's a testament to the transformative power of technology when applied with insight and precision. This journey from digital chaos to clarity has not only streamlined the Council's operations but has also set a benchmark for local governments everywhere, showcasing the potential to thrive in the digital age.

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