Consent Management Platform

The use of a consent management platform is now essential to help companies better manage the privacy of individuals they store data on. HIVO helps teams manage image consent, intellectual property rights, copyright ownership, intellectual property usage rights and more using commercial grade ISO-certified AWS data centers to legally manage stored media.

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Simple GDPR compliant media consent requests

Control consent requests for your content and make sure your company is in compliance with GDPR and privacy legislation, including the ability to manage intended and specified usage.


Facial recognition and automated tagging of people

Facial recognition technology and asset tagging helps you quickly identify and tag what media your company is currently storing on an individual.


Automatically update smart collections of people

Create photo galleries and automatically update collections of images using rules whenever new media of an individual is created, which is great for consent management.


Accessible email based consent requests

Request consent directly with individuals, skipping long processes with just the click of a button. Consent requests are sent via a link in an email.


Secure consent opt-in and withdrawals

Users providing consent are sent to a secure web page that can have expiry dates set to seamlessly manage and process the consent request. If the individual decides to withdraw their consent after it has been granted, then they can do so easily via the same email link.


Asset permissions and metadata get automatically updated

If a user rejects the granting of any content, then asset permissions in HIVO are automatically updated and the assets get marked as sensitive or archived.


Powerful consent management platform search engine

Avoid time-consuming searches for images, videos or documents where consent has been granted. Easily search and filter by people that have provided consent.