Marketing Approval Workflow Software for Swan Active

About Swan Active:

The City of Swan's Leisure Centres in Perth, Western Australia, are now known as Swan Active. To find out what Swan Active has to offer visit the Swan Active website. The Swan Active name is uniting in name and purpose and signifies the city’s commitment to serve the community by creating a more active City of Swan, both physically and socially. Swan Active members have access to all of Swan Active locations, including Midland, Beechboro and Ballajura.

Asset Library for Swan Active

With a new brand and a suite of fresh content from creative agency OKMG, the HIVO team populated Swan Active’s library by uploading all assets into easy-to-find Collections with relevant metadata.

By storing all creative and brand assets in the HIVO ‘cloud’, Swan Active have secured there intellectual property and prevented the age-old problems of team members saying:

  • I can’t find those files;
  • I think we have lost the hard drive or memory stick;
  • What supplier did we use for that project; and
  • The staff member who was in charge of this project has left the business

Digital Asset Editing and Distribution via Digital Screens:

Swan Active have a number of digital screens displayed throughout there Midland, Beechboro and Ballajura locations and needed a way to cost-effectively update the text on the screen graphics and animations.

Creative agency OKMG designed a series of multi-purpose cinemagraphs with adequate negative space for text overlay using HIVO’s intuitive video editor. The end result is that whenever the centre’s have a new special, holiday update or general announcement, they can login to HIVO, edit the video, add the appropriate tex and tiles and re-export a new version in minutes!

Edited assets can either be saved as a new version of the asset or a new asset entirely. HIVO’s version control enables users to keep track of the relationship between an original asset and subsequent versions all in one easy to use interface, ensuring that only the latest approved assets are being accessed and delivered to the screens.

Key Features of the HIVO Platform Include:

Fast Asset Search

Instead of trawling through a chaotic shared drive or Dropbox, lightning-fast search means HIVO users can instantly find the creative files they need. Users can filter by file type, colour, date, size, user, tag, collection and many other options, all designed to help your find what you need, fast.

Enable Self Service of Creative Assets

Your marketing and digital teams can instantly search for files, submit creative briefs online, request image downloads and make simple edits to photos, videos and artwork. This saves your business time and money and saves the marketing department from having to repeatedly send out the same files over and over.

Get Local Marketing Right

HIVO enables your team and agency partners to create localised versions of company created marketing materials. The future of digital marketing is local, which means you need content that is relevant and local to the particular city your business is in.

Integrate Your Creative

Seamlessly integrate media stored in your HIVO account to social media, websites and other applications in just a few clicks. It has never been easier to publish content.

Creative Asset Copyright Compliance

HIVO makes creative approvals, talent and copyright management processes a breeze with granular notifications, alerts and reporting to avoid litigation and fines.

Bring Your Brand To Life

Create and showcase beautifully presented style guides and brand guidelines and then share to stakeholders via private and public URLs to ensure your team always stays on brand.

Get in touch with our team today to  request a demonstration and see HIVO in action.