Central Queensland University's Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Strategy with HIVO

Central Queensland University (CQUniversity), a prestigious Australian university, embarked on a digital transformation journey with HIVO to enhance its digital asset management, ensure compliance with consent regulations, and streamline content creation. Utilizing HIVO's suite of solutions, including the core Digital Asset Management Module, Consent Management Module, and Content Templates Module, CQUniversity significantly improved operational efficiency, compliance, and brand consistency.

Challenges Faced by CQ University

CQUniversity faced challenges in managing a vast digital asset library, ensuring compliance with data protection laws, and maintaining brand consistency across digital content. The partnership with HIVO aimed to address these challenges through advanced digital solutions, setting a new benchmark for digital asset management in the higher educational sector. Specifically, the  university's challenges were multifaceted:

  • Complex Digital Asset Management: Managing and accessing an extensive collection of digital assets across various departments and platforms was cumbersome and inefficient.
  • Data Protection and Consent Compliance: Adhering to stringent data protection regulations and managing consent for personal data use in marketing and educational materials was increasingly challenging.
  • Inconsistent Branding and Content Creation: The lack of standardized tools for content creation led to brand inconsistency and inefficiencies in content production.

HIVO's Solution

HIVO provided a comprehensive solution through three core platform modules:

Digital Asset Management Module

  • Centralised Asset Library: HIVO's core module centralised digital asset storage, making it easy for staff across CQUniversity to access, manage, and share digital assets efficiently.
  • Advanced Search and Metadata Tagging: Enhanced search capabilities and metadata tagging ensured quick retrieval of assets, significantly reducing time spent on asset management.

Consent Management Module

  • Robust Consent Management: This module streamlined the collection and management of consent, ensuring CQUniversity's ongoing compliance with data protection laws.
  • Real-Time Consent Tracking: Automated workflows for tracking consent status in real-time, simplifying compliance management and reducing administrative overhead.

Content Templates Module

  • Customizable Brand Templates: The module provided customizable templates for creating consistent, branded content, facilitating efficient content production across various digital platforms.
  • Collaborative Design Process: It enabled collaborative content creation, ensuring brand consistency and improving the efficiency of the content development process.


The adoption of HIVO's solutions led to significant improvements:

  • Streamlined Digital Asset Management: The Digital Asset Management Module revolutionized how CQUniversity managed and accessed digital assets, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Consent Management: The Consent Management Module ensured that CQUniversity adhered to data protection regulations, minimizing legal risks.
  • Efficient and Consistent Content Creation: The Content Templates Module allowed for quick, consistent content creation across a range of departments and stakeholders, strengthening the university's brand identity across digital channels.


CQUniversity's digital transformation with HIVO's comprehensive suite of solutions has set a new standard for efficiency, compliance, and brand consistency in the educational sector. By addressing complex digital asset management challenges, ensuring compliance with consent regulations, and streamlining content creation, HIVO has empowered CQUniversity to achieve its digital strategy goals.

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