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Why is DAM important for oil and gas companies?

Oil, gas and energy companies face enormous pressure due to rapidly changing market forces and industry volatility caused by mergers and acquisitions and the process of transitioning to clean energy from non-fossil fuel sources.

On their journey to digital transformation, oil and gas companies must embrace new technologies across all aspects of their business. Continual efforts to increase operational efficiencies and improve productivity are essential for energy companies to survive (and thrive) in a rapidly changing industry.

Why do oil and gas companies typically need DAM?

A DAM platform is now a cornerstone solution in an enterprises overall digital environment. Problems facing large oil and gas enterprises, include:

  1. staff have significant problems finding the digital assets they need;
  2. maintaining brand consistency across markets is a significant challenge; and
  3. slow time to market when producing creative content can slow growth.

How does HIVO help?

HIVO’s centralised and cloud based digital asset management solution allows internal teams and external partners to increase the efficiency of brand and communications initiatives by providing flexible and controlled access to approved materials for distribution.

By using HIVO, corporate communications professionals can rest easy knowing that brand reputation and identity are protected at all times with approved assets being stored in a single secure location. Approving and revoking access to all digital assets is easy, giving teams complete control over who can see content and for how long.

Inconsistent content production and slow distribution of critical brand materials can stand in the way of growth. HIVO’s creative task management solution makes content production processes seamless and transparent to all involved.

HIVO Platform for Woodside

Woodside required a strategic partner to host and manage its digital assets, specifically files for creative use in both internal and external communication initiatives. HIVO worked with Woodside the Corporate Communications team to develop a business case that demonstrated internal resource time and cost savings that come from HIVO’s intuitive search capabilities and instantaneous data recall.

Centralised Access to Content

An organisation of Woodside’s size naturally has to manage a number of vendors and agencies across geographies, beyond its own employees. Having a centralised DAM is necessary for all those parties to share, retrieve, and collaborate on digital assets. HIVO supports automated reversioning of most common file types—including images, PDFs, animations, GIFs, and videos —that can then be used in either print or digital executions.

HIVO integrates with Woodside’s secure single-sign-on (SSO) solution, providing Woodside’s employees and vendors seamless access the HIVO Library to recall any file as needed. By managing their digital assets within HIVO, Woodside is now able to centralise media from diverse sources, whether it’s created by agencies, ingested from social channels, purchased from a stock image provider, requested from individuals in the case of user-generated content, or uploaded by Woodside employees. Having all assets in the one secure cloud based location allows Woodside to maintain ownership and oversight of its media, no matter where it comes from.

Auditability and Accountability

By managing assets within a single software, Woodside will be able to leverage HIVO’s data and reporting tools to analyse the use and effectiveness of their assets. The HIVO Library also stores the rights and licenses associated with images and videos as well as logging the actions taken on all assets.

HIVO also allows Woodside users to see and set automatic archive dates associated with assets, including the original versions. Woodside now has direct insight into how a file is labelled, who uploaded it, and how it moved through various workflows within HIVO, providing the corporate communications team with the ability to track collaboration, versioning, and improve operating efficiency.

Accessibility Across Markets

HIVO reduces the complications of managing Woodside branded assets across its global entities, subsidiaries, media, and external partners. Seamless access to content enables the use of approved brand assets by the right people across the right channels. HIVO helps Woodside gain additional control over their most important information with flexible sharing permissions and the ability to revoke access to individual users, or a group of users, swiftly if required.

A centralised hub for internal communications enables Woodside team members to work more efficiently together for optimised growth and global operations. Hours of time are saved by employees not having to send repetitive emails and calls requesting assets and reducing the risk of the Woodside team missing out on critical information. A dedicated and customisable dashboard allows rapid sharing and communication of important notifications and updates.

Security and Control

With over 3,000 employees Woodside places a high value on data classification and security. The HIVO platform allows Woodside to customise folder hierarchies and set file tagging conventions. While flexibility and customisation of the Library enables teams to organise assets according to their particular workflows in an easily navigable user interface. The search library function also makes tracking down assets lightning fast for all Woodside employees.

Keeping Woodside’s assets safe and secure is of utmost importance and a key priority to the business. HIVO utilises industry-benchmarked security measures that ensure all data is authenticated and encrypted. Enhancing the security of HIVO’s single-sign-on access, the platform requires additional user-level security measures to ensure all data housed in HIVO is secure and only available to authorised users. Select Woodside staff members act as administrators, controlling the organisation of files and automated versioning of digital assets. While HIVO’s granular permissions and user rights determine which Woodside employees and partners are authorised for full or limited access to features.

Other key benefits of HIVO

  • Faster time to market for content creation
  • Maintain consistency of brand content
  • Track and review how your brand content is being used by HIVO users
  • Allow and restrict access to brand content to ensure it’s seen by the right people at the right time
  • Rapid sharing and transfer of brand collateral internally and externally
  • Highly secure data with HIVO managed by a 24/7 cyber security service
  • Watermarking capabilities ensure your assets aren’t being used in the wrong places

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