Digital Asset Management for Pilbara Minerals

About Pilbara Minerals:

Pilbara Minerals is an Australian lithium-tantalum producer listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: PLS) and considered within the top 200 companies in Australia (ASX200 index). Through the development of its 100%-owned Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project (Pilgangoora Project), Pilbara Minerals is set to become one of the biggest lithium raw materials producers in the world.

The Pilgangoora project is located in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and is considered one of the largest hard-rock lithium-tantalum deposits globally. The significant scale and outstanding quality of the Pilgangoora project has seen Pilbara Minerals progress it from first drill hole to production in under four years.

HIVO has been working with Pilbara Minerals and it’s digital agency partner, OKMG, to store and manage Pilbara Minerals digital assets (design assets, artwork, photos and videos), as well as provide a platform to manage all corporate communications tasks, including the companies major yearly design task, the companies annual report.

How HIVO makes preparing custom annual reports a breeze:

As defined on Wikipedia:

An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities and financial performance.

Annual reports for listed companies represent a significant yearly challenge, requiring a great deal of time and resources from all corners of an enterprise. Apart from being a legal necessity, annual reports are a great way to show people your company's activities and milestones that have been achieved over the year just gone. The most basic form of an annual report design is a simple PDF, with a generic collection of numbers and data.

At the other end of the scale, there are annual reports that are design masterpieces, complete with digital interactivity or a unique printed design. In order to achieve these high end results and still be efficient, and without blowing budgets, enterprises require a digital asset management platform to store and organise all of a business's assets. These assets can then be easily accessed by internal communications staff and external agencies or collaborators and used in the annual report, ranging from logos, design collateral, photos and even videos for digital interactive annual reports.

By using HIVO as it’s digital asset management platform, Pilbara Minerals corporate communications team has made the process of briefing, preparing, reviewing and approving the annual report a much easier task. HIVO enables Pilbara minerals corporate communications staff to create collaborative yet creative environment, whilst still ensuring the forensic level of detail that is required from accounting, finance and the CEO.

Other benefits of Pilbara Minerals managing digital assets within the HIVO platform:

Both business operations and creative teams have increased output of creative content production and efficiency:

Collaborators, reviewers and external teams now complete corporate communications workflows faster with the HIVO platform providing a common set of repositories and robust metadata capabilities for file retrieval. HIVO has reduced the amount of time Pilbara Minerals staff spend looking for assets and carrying out repetitive tasks, which are now automated. The volume of content produced by Pilbara Minerals has also increased, across video production, photography, graphic design and animation.

Ability to access assets from anywhere provides flexibility:

Assets can be shared, linked or otherwise distributed globally to any device, providing previews for quick access and allowing collaborators and reviewers to find assets using metadata, workflows and more. As Pilbara Minerals Pilgangoora project is located in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, HIVO has made it easier for corporate communications staff to communicate and distribute content to staff onsite, including videos and digital screens showcased at the onsite office.

Taking control of user rights and asset permissions controls:

Pilbara Minerals admin users have the ability to assign user rights to internal users as well as external collaborators and agencies, keeping everyone informed on usage and actions taken on files so you know exactly who is accessing company assets and when. Permissions can also be set on individual assets to allow for granular access and control of who can view and use individual assets.

Tighter version control across teams.

By enabling users to track relationships between original assets and subsequent versions, HIVO users maintain a high level of control, ensuring only the latest or approved digital assets are accessible or being delivered. In Pilbara Minerals case, the CEO doesn’t need to see working versions of assets, or all the photos that go into a single document, only finished version of that document that actually requires CEO approval.

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