HIVO Partners with Geoscience Australia

About Geoscience Australia:

Geoscience Australia is an agency of the Australian Government. It carries out geoscientific research. The agency is the government's technical adviser on all aspects of geoscience and is custodian of the geographic and geological data and knowledge of Australia as a nation.

Geoscience Australia is a long-standing organisation that can trace the history of its predecessor organisations back to 1910 when the Australian Survey Office was first established. Since then the scope of Geoscience Australia has steadily expanded, with new topics and vast amounts of land and marine area being progressively added to the organisation's remit.

In taking on this challenge, Geoscience Australia fulfils a critical role of being the nation’s authoritative advisor on all matters of geology and geography.

Why Geoscience Australia Require Digital Asset Management:

Like other science organisations in Australia, technology has become central to Geoscience Australia. The organisation is required to manage, harness, draw insights from, and make accessible a vast array of datasets, computational capabilities, innovative platforms and other digital assets.

The pace and level of complexity at which digital science operates in the digital age continues to accelerate, and new paradigms and capabilities are offering unprecedented opportunities to deliver value in Australia, it’s partners, and the wider APAC region.

In this context, taking a strategic perspective on Geoscience Australia’s digital capability has never been more critical. Digital assets are at the core of all organisations and partnering with HIVO (Australia’s leading digital asset management provider) will help Geoscience Australia employees and teams be more connected and ultimately improve the organization's productivity.

This increased digital connectivity, access and control over digital assets will also help to drive and enable high-impact science, leading to more accurate and robust insights, and better decisions about Australia’s resources, land and marine environments, spatial enablement and community safety.

In addition to the benefits of improved productivity and helping to facilitate high-impact science, there are several other reasons why Geoscience Australia requires digital asset management.

These include:

  • Managing data growth: Geoscience Australia generates vast amounts of data, much of which is complex and geospatial in nature. Without a digital asset management system in place, it can be challenging to store, organize, and access this data effectively. Digital asset management solutions provide tools for managing data growth and ensuring that information is stored in a way that is secure, scalable, and easy to access.

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing: Geoscience Australia employs a large team of scientists, researchers, and technical experts who work together to solve complex problems. Digital asset management systems enable collaboration and knowledge sharing by allowing team members to access and share information easily. This can help to speed up decision-making processes and ensure that everyone is working from the same set of data.

  • Compliance and governance: Geoscience Australia is subject to a range of regulatory requirements and standards related to data management and security. Digital asset management solutions provide tools for ensuring compliance and governance by allowing organizations to set rules and policies around data access, usage, and retention.

  • Cost savings: By implementing a digital asset management system, Geoscience Australia can save money on storage costs, reduce the time spent searching for and managing data, and eliminate the need for multiple tools and systems to manage different types of digital assets.

Overall, digital asset management is critical for Geoscience Australia to manage its vast amounts of data effectively, enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, ensure compliance and governance, and realize cost savings. By partnering with a leading digital asset management provider like HIVO, Geoscience Australia has optimized its digital capabilities and continues to provide valuable insights into Australia's resources, land and marine environments, spatial enablement, and community safety.

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