Digital Asset Management for Study Perth

About StudyPerth:

StudyPerth provides a leadership role in building the profile of international education in Western Australia and overseas, in collaboration with governments, educational institutions and other stakeholders. StudyPerth is also the first point of contact for anyone wishing to obtain information on studying and living in Perth.

StudyPerth member institutions include Western Australia’s world-class universities, plus vocational education providers, primary and secondary schools, and English language colleges, both from the public and private sectors.

In order to promote Perth as a world class study destination, StudyPerth funds and produces a significant amount of content, including photography, graphics and video productions around Western Australia involving students as talent, that currently study in Perth.

Member organisations of StudyPerth are then entitled to access this marketing collateral via the StudyPerth HIVO account, which was uniquely configured to handle a membership based user account account setup.

Digital asset management for member resource sharing and access to exclusive member content:

The benefits of StudyPerth implementing HIVO to manage the organisations digital assets and provide members with access to these assets are as follows:

  • Simple, fast and efficient access in the cloud, enabling members to view and download digital assets from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • Members and internal StudyPerth staff are given a searchable single source of truth for all digital assets (no more emails and assets stored in multiple locations);
  • Members can quickly search the entire StudyPerth asset database using keywords, facial recognition, colour search and other filtering features;
  • Space has been freed up on internal StudyPerth staff hard drives;
  • StudyPerth produces a significant amount of photo and video content that promotes Perth and Western Australia. Often this content involves talent and now all release forms, license and metadata can be stored in the one place, right with the assets themselves;
  • A significant amount of time is saved by automated tagging of photos with vision recognition tagging artificial intelligence;
  • Linking of the StudyPerth HIVO account to the StudyPerth website;
  • Merge and remove duplicates of digital assets; and
  • Set and define user permissions and expiry or archive dates for individual assets.

Get in touch with our team today to  request a demonstration and see HIVO in action.