All Pumps - Case Study

About All Pumps:

All Pumps is a leading supplier of pumps and related equipment to a diverse range of industries. The company prides itself on providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service. In order to maintain a consistent and professional brand image. All pumps have implemented the use of the library folders, collections for social and sales collateral, and brand guidelines features of the HIVO platform.

HIVO allows us to collaborate as a team on one document with central location for live feedback. It has improved our speed of getting publications to market and also saved us time emailing back and forwards. It also helps us share document collections easily with external clients and allows our sales people to have everything they need on-hand digitally in the field.
I would recommend HIVO as a DAM to anyone who is looking to migrate various storage points of marketing and product collateral into one space. All-Pumps considered and trialled a few other DAMs but found HIVO to offer the most value and was easy to use

William Garton

Sales Manager, All Pumps

Library Feature

All Pumps has a large collection of product images, technical specifications, product brochures, capability statements and other digital assets that are used across their website, marketing materials, and social media channels. With the library feature of their HIVO platform, they can easily store and organise all of these digital assets in one central location. This makes it easy for the All Pumps team to quickly access the assets they need for various projects.The library folder features and tree view make it simple to see assets and drag them into folders and sub folders.

For example, if the marketing team needs a product image to use in a new LinkedIn ad campaign, they can quickly search the library to find the appropriate image or go directly to . The library feature also ensures that all team members are accessing the most up-to-date versions of the assets, as updates are automatically applied to the central library.

Collections Feature

All Pumps offers a wide range of products for various industries. With the collections feature of their HIVO platform, they can easily group related products together to make it easier for the sales to find what they need. The collections feature also allows All Pumps to showcase related products on individual product pages. For example, when a customer is viewing a product in the agricultural pumps collection, they will see other related products from that collection. This not only helps customers find what they need, but also promotes cross-selling of related products.

Brand Guidelines Feature

All Pumps has a strong brand identity that they want to maintain and promote across all of their marketing materials and channels. With the brand guidelines feature of their HIVO platform, they can ensure that all team members are using the correct fonts, colours, and other brand elements in their work.

For example, the brand guidelines feature can be used to create a brand style guide that outlines the proper use of the All Pumps logo, colour palette, and typography. This ensures that all marketing materials have a consistent and professional look and feel, which is essential for building a strong brand.

In conclusion, the library, library folders and collection features of the HIVO platform have been essential for All Pumps in maintaining a consistent and professional brand image. The library feature has made it easy for the team to store and access digital assets, while the collections feature has helped customers find related products. The brand guidelines feature ensures that all marketing materials have a consistent and professional look and feel.

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