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Secure file storage

You can store any type of file safely and securely using HIVO's cloud storage solutions. Whether you're trying to save photos and videos, large CAD files, or PowerPoint presentations, we can help you keep your data safe and secure.


Large file sharing

Sharing large files in HIVO is simple. Any file type or size can be securely shared with internal or external users including expiry settings, version control, asset tagging, metadata management as well as feedback and commenting workflows.


Multi device content access

HIVO is a web based application allowing users to access their cloud storage repository directly from the browser wherever you are. Files remained synced across devices maintaining privacy and consistent asset permissions.


User access management control

User access control can be managed in the client profile to allow users to access, share, edit and download assets. HIVO access management allows collaboration with teams, security for individual and enterprise grade role based access compliance.


Store data in your preferred region

All HIVO data is stored on AWS which means your company can securely store it’s data in a preferred region while still enabling access to that data across multiple geographies, raising the bar for privacy and control in the cloud. This way, your company can work with organisations and customers around the world while keeping your content secure and located where you want it.


File recovery and archiving

File recovery and redundancy are key attributes of any cloud storage and HIVO’s solution is second to none. Easily recover files when accidently deleted or archive assets that are no longer required in your account