Why do Telethon Kids Institute need Digital Asset Management?

The Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) is a non-government, independent and not-for-profit medical research institute that exists to improve the health and wellbeing of children through excellence in research.

HIVO was the logical choice for TKI, as experts in digital asset management in Australia, and with both organisations sharing a passion for caring and doing good in the community.

Why do Telethon Kids Institute need Digital Asset Management?

Just like other large enterprises, medical research institutes have a need to promote their brand, clinical work and research initiatives, as well as attract high quality researchers and medical professionals.

Promotional efforts include marketing, content publishing and public relations, which all require the use of thousands of digital assets, including logos, photos, videos, documents, animations and designs.

All of these digital assets need to be created, collected, managed, shared, archived and analysed throughout there lifecycle, making a digital asset management (DAM) system like HIVO a necessity for operational efficiency and long-term success.

Previously TKI’s digital assets were stored on network files and without a formal filing system which made it challenging for staff to do things like find an image, particularly as navigating the system relied upon the experience and past knowledge of certain staff members.

HIVO Digital Asset Management for Telethon Kids Institute

The Telethon Kids Institute HIVO account includes the following base functionality and configurations:

  • Storage capacity for over 5TB of digital assets and an unlimited number of individual assets;
  • Admin users, department based user groups and unlimited light users including agency partners and freelancers;
  • Ability for assets to have attached consent forms from parents regarding photographs of children;
  • Digital assets can be converted and resized in multiple formats and sizes;
  • Adobe plugin allowing HIVO assets to be searched and accessed within InDesign;
  • Ability for external suppliers such as photographers and collaborators to directly upload and download assets;
  • Digital assets can be curated into collections for easy curation, access and sharing;
  • Telethon Kids HIVO account includes the TKI logo and colour scheme;
  • Ability to set privacy control settings for users accessing digital assets and collections;
  • The HIVO Support team provides unlimited phone and email support; and
  • All data is monitored by a 24/7 cyber security service, which is a ISO 27001 certified system.

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