Digital Asset Management Consulting

Digital Asset Management consultants can provide expertise and experience in DAM to your team. They can assist in the identification and development of the tools, solutions, and processes your organization needs.

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Business Case Development

The first step of any DAM procurement is to develop a business case for adoption. Developing the business case should always start with understanding the issues with the current workflow.

Typically the more fragmented the strategy the more latency will exist in your process; making the adoption towards a DAM system a wise choice in boosting efficiency of distribution of assets.


Customized Strategy Solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a category with an inordinate amount of solutions to achieve your desired outcomes.

Once confirmation of objectives have been established our consulting services will take into careful consideration of the organisation's existing resource capability to implement a strategy and process that can be achieved on time and budget.

HIVO’s flexible DAM implementation ensures a starting point for organisations of all sizes from startup to enterprise.


Taxonomy and Schema

A key pillar of any DAM strategy is implementing a data taxonomy and corresponding asset tagging schema that is fit-for-purpose. Prior to the DAM onboarding process, a robust taxonomy should be agreed upon at an organisational level to encompass all potential use cases.

The objective is to impart contextual information and metadata pertaining to the business operations and topics of interest relative to DAM assets. This will drastically improve asset recall via global search, asset discovery via asset relationships and operational arbitrage.


Onboarding, Asset Migration and Change Management

Once the business case has been raised, and the objectives and taxonomy set have been established; commencement of onboarding and asset migration can take place. During the onboarding process it is important to appoint an internal DAM project leader who is responsible for liaising with the vendor to ensure a smooth transition.

Often the goal is to streamline asset management workflows; however a key consideration is to ensure the assets are able to be found and distributed upon adoption.

HIVO’s folder feature enables existing nested folder structures to be replicated which ensures a smooth change of management process. As users become more comfortable, move to a non-nested centricity of searching for assets via tags, facial recognition, location or objects and more.