Revolutionising Student Media Management through Anonymized Facial Recognition, Consent Management and Auto-Tagging

Christian Education Ministries (CEM), a cornerstone in the realm of faith-based education in Australia, is dedicated to nurturing young minds through a comprehensive array of services, including curriculum development, early learning, and support for home schooling. With a mission to advance the gospel through education, CEM's operational scope encompasses a diverse portfolio of digital assets, particularly student photos and videos, across its five distinct brands. The challenge of efficiently managing these assets, while ensuring privacy and consent, led CEM to seek a solution beyond the capabilities of Google Photos. HIVO, as the leading digital asset management software provider, was poised to meet this challenge head-on, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to CEM's unique needs.

The Challenge:

CEM's reliance on Google Photos for managing an ever-growing library of student media was met with significant hurdles. The platform fell short in addressing the complex requirements of consent management and efficient media tagging, essential for safeguarding student privacy and streamlining asset organization. The absence of a robust system for managing digital consent and automatically categorizing photos and videos resulted in operational inefficiencies, consuming valuable time and resources that could be better allocated towards educational initiatives.

The Solution:

HIVO introduced CEM to a comprehensive digital asset management ecosystem, featuring anonymized facial recognition and consent management technology, alongside advanced auto-tagging capabilities for photos and videos. This bespoke solution was designed to revolutionize CEM's approach to student media management through:

  • Anonymized Facial Recognition: Ensuring student privacy while simplifying the identification process in photos and videos, without storing personal biometric data.
  • Consent Management Platform: A state-of-the-art system allowing CEM to manage and document digital consent for the use of student images, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Auto-Tagging Technology: Leveraging AI to automatically tag photos and videos, significantly reducing manual labor and improving the accuracy and efficiency of media categorization.

The Impact:

The deployment of HIVO's digital asset management solutions marked a new era for Christian Education Ministries, yielding transformative outcomes:

  • Enhanced Privacy and Compliance: The anonymized facial recognition and consent management platform provided a robust framework for protecting student privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Operational Efficiency: The shift from Google Photos to HIVO's auto-tagging technology resulted in a dramatic reduction in time spent managing student media, with an estimated efficiency gain of over 40%.
  • Streamlined Media Management: CEM staff can now quickly access and utilize student photos and videos, bolstered by an intuitive, centralized system that automates consent and categorization processes.
  • Future-Proof Scalability: As CEM continues to expand its educational offerings, HIVO's scalable solutions ensure that growing volumes of digital assets can be managed effectively, without compromising on privacy or efficiency.


Christian Education Ministries' collaboration with HIVO has set a new standard in the management of educational digital assets in Australia, particularly in the sensitive area of student media. By embracing HIVO's innovative technologies for anonymized facial recognition, consent management, and auto-tagging, CEM has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also reinforced its commitment to student privacy and safety. This partnership underscores the potential of specialized digital asset management solutions to address the unique challenges faced by educational institutions, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and compliant future in digital education.

About HIVO:

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