Digital Asset Management for Dimattina Coffee

Dimattina Coffee is an international coffee brand with specialty cafe’s and showrooms in South Melbourne, Fitzroy, Perth and Bali. Dimattina’s operations span across coffee bean sourcing, roasting, coffee equipment, online and retail coffee sales.

Dimattina Coffee begun working with HIVO via one of HIVO’s agency partners, a national digital advertising business, OKMG. Dimattina needed a way for their internal marketing team to collaborate as well as working with OKMG’s team and other creative freelance suppliers.

Centralising content strategy and content production to ensure visibility and control

For an international coffee business with operations across Australia and Indonesia, Dimattina work with OKMG to deliver on a content strategy that solidifies the Dimattina brand as a national leader in coffee and positions them to challenge the cofee sector globally.

But with decentralised marketing teams spread across Australia, Dimattina required a platform that centralised its marketing activity and provided visibility over all content production initiatives to ensure brand consistency. Today, HIVO’s digital asset management module is Dimattina’s single source of truth for all marketing and production content.

Rapidly created, templated and collaborative campaigns, tasks and digital initiatives

Empowering the marketing team to deliver campaigns more effectively was a key aim for Dimattina, including the ability for people outside of the core team to contribute to and collaborate on a campaign in real-time ensuring all stakeholders had input at the right stage to drive faster delivery.

The HIVO platform gave Dimattina the ability to bring campaign processes, tasks, creative and stakeholder collaboration into one centralised place. As the HIVO platform is really easy to use teams quickly integrated it into their day-to-day workflow, and the templated process made it simple for team members to know what has to happen when, enabling faster delivery to market.

Understanding and maximising the marketing teams capabilities

On a team front, the HIVO platform has provided the Dimattina marketing team with better visibility into the daily tasks being completed and the value each team member provides. Through centralisation of all marketing activity, management and team members gain a better understanding of their own capabilities and how their individual contribution impacts the wider teams marketing operations.

Individual team members now have insight into what their colleagues are working on and the workload they have available, making it easier for team members to ask skilled colleagues to contribute to projects that they might otherwise have had no visibility of. This enables Dimattina to distribute their workload more efficiently, so specialists within the team can focus on what they do best, resulting in greater productivity.

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