Pride WA Sponsorship - HIVO

Since artist Gilbert Baker first created it in 1978, the iconic rainbow Pride flag has always been a symbol of one thing - an inclusive and welcoming community!

Pride WA has been an integral part of the Western Australian community since 1989. The NFP grew out of a societal movement protesting laws that actively discriminated against members of our diverse state. This movement has evolved to now incorporate a festival and numerous events primarily focused within PrideFEST, running throughout the month of November in WA. 2019 represents 30 years of Pride in WA, with the organisation now reflecting on how far they’ve come over the years and how much work is still required to produce a truly equal society.

HIVO is a proud supporting partner of Pride WA and Managing Director of HIVO, Will Kaye commented:

In a world that, at times, feels like it grows less tolerant by the minute – and in a country that has historically seen its fair share of violence and discrimination – a little love goes a long way.
HIVO is proud to support Pride WA on our mission to unite technology, teams and data across multiple businesses to all work better, together, in a collaborative and secure cloud environment.
This includes understanding, promoting and actually practising how brands and technology can be a driving force for good in our community.
What better way to do this than by supporting an organisation committed to celebrating the diversity and differences that exist in our community; which we all live in, work in, love and celebrate.

To show its support for the LGBTQI+ community, the HIVO team has donated free licensing of the HIVO platform, which now acts as a single (and very colourful) source of truth for all Pride WA’s marketing and brand assets, as well as being the engine room for Pride WA’s marketing and sponsorship teams. HIVO also gives Pride WA the ability to partner with other businesses with HIVO accounts to allow asset collaboration and combined workflows.

Frances Burgess, Pride WA President, has been excited by the possibilities that HIVO has brought to the organisation:

Pride WA has grown a lot in the last 30 years and so have the needs of our organisation. As more community groups, sponsors and members of the LGBTQI+ community engage with Pride we need better tools and technologies to help us manage our marketing assets and communications. HIVO has already helped us to collaborate and develop PrideFEST 2019 and we look forward to seeing how far it can take us into the future.

Aiming to provide the structure that Pride WA needs to keep championing and celebrating the cultural expression of WA’s LGBTQI+ community, HIVO proudly stands with this invaluable organisation. HIVO also encourages everyone to take a look at the full schedule for PrideFEST and get involved with one of the incredible events happening in November.

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