City Renewal Authority (ACT Government) - Case Study

About The City Renewal Authority:

The City Renewal Authority is charged by the ACT Government with revitalising the city centre of Canberra covering the designated City Renewal Precinct which spans Dickson, Northbourne Avenue, Haig Park, Civi and Acton. The City Renewal Authority’s strategic plan through to 2025 takes it’s lead from the ACT Government's ambition for the city, to be one of the world’s great innovation, creative and arts cities while remaining the world’s most liveable city’, and its related strategies and policies.

Access the ACT Government website is here:

In 2022 the City Renewal Authority went to market to procure a new digital asset management platform and HIVO was the successful respondent out of that process.

The staff are getting a lot of daily use out of HIVO (and no longer requesting photos from me anymore), so the platform has been a great success!

Patrick Rose, Creative Director, City Renewal Authority

Overview of the DAM Project:

Overall the City Renewal Authority’s digital asset management project was aimed at removing clutter and providing a more sophisticated response to the organisations digital asset management practices. More specifically, needed the HIVO platform to help with:

  • Making it easier to source images both internally and externally;
  • Providing a more robust method for managing images video and brand assets;
  • Improving organisational workflows;
  • Providing a solution for a centralised creative ecosystem to store and manage photos, videos, and creative assets; and
  • Organising all existing images and video files into a clear folder structure.

Access the City Renewal Authority public brand guidelines here:

What HIVO features are being used:

The following is a list of some of the features that were required by the City Renewal Authority:

  • Access controls with user roles and group permissions;
  • Individual and batch download requests;
  • Support all major file formats, including video and audio;
  • Supports IPTC, EXIF and XMP metadata;
  • Advanced and customisable search and filter options;
  • Advanced and easy to user keyword management; 
  • Ability to share collections of photos publicly;
  • Network protection (including firewalls, IDS, IPS, monitoring);\
  • Secure file transfers;
  • Ability to store or match talent release forms with and/or link them to associated media, becoming readily available as needed;
  • Identify and remove duplicate files for over 40,000 images;
  • Reduce digital photo clutter and remove junk files;
  • Sort photos from multiple locations;
  • Organise, rename and refolder images so they can be easily located;
  • Apply metadata to all digital files, such as location, subject names, and event descriptions;
  • Identify resolution, image size and file size on asset metadata;
  • Sort, categorise and organise all photos;
  • Provide a customised user guide for photographers, project managers, product managers, and other external suppliers;
  • Provide a customised guide for download use for government staff, collaborators and consultants.

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