Berkeley Group and HIVO - Transforming Digital Asset Management in Property Development

In the world of property development, managing digital assets efficiently can be crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Berkeley Group, a leading developer of homes and neighborhoods across London, Birmingham, and the South of England, recognized the need to overhaul its digital asset management (DAM) processes to continue delivering quality homes and strengthening communities. 

This is where HIVO, a leading digital asset management software provider, stepped in to transform Berkeley Group's digital asset management needs, making a lasting positive impact on their operations and marketing strategies for their Singapore team. You can view the Berkeley Group website here:


Berkeley Group's mission to build quality homes and create sustainable, nature-rich communities requires a vast amount of digital content, including architectural designs, marketing materials, and community engagement content. Managing these assets across various teams and stages of development was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. The challenge was to find a DAM solution that could streamline these processes, improve collaboration among teams, and ensure that high-quality, relevant content was easily accessible and efficiently utilized. 


HIVO provided Berkeley Group with a comprehensive DAM solution tailored to the unique needs of the property development industry. The implementation of HIVO's software enabled Berkeley Group to centralize their digital assets in a single, secure repository, accessible by teams and partners across different countries and departments. Key features of the solution included:

  • Centralized Asset Management: A unified platform where all digital assets are stored, categorized, and easily searchable, facilitating quick access and reuse across projects.
  • Collaboration and Workflow Tools: Enhanced collaboration among teams with tools for sharing, reviewing, and approving digital content in real-time, streamlining project workflows both internally and with partner real estate agencies.
  • Brand Consistency: Tools to maintain brand consistency across all marketing materials and communications, crucial for building trust and recognition in the competitive property market.
  • Scalability: A flexible, scalable solution that grows with Berkeley Group's expanding portfolio of projects and digital assets.


The partnership between Berkeley Group and HIVO improved the way the developer manages its digital assets. Key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduced time spent on searching and managing digital assets, allowing teams to focus on core development and marketing activities.
  • Improved Collaboration: Seamless collaboration across departments and with external partners, speeding up project timelines and marketing campaigns.
  • Consistent Branding: Unified brand messaging across all platforms and materials, enhancing Berkeley Group's market presence and customer engagement.
  • Sustainable Growth: A scalable DAM system that supports Berkeley Group's commitment to building sustainable, community-focused developments.


Berkeley Group's collaboration with HIVO showcases how innovative digital asset management solutions can transform operations in the property development sector. By streamlining asset management processes, enhancing team collaboration, and ensuring brand consistency, Berkeley Group can continue to focus on its core mission of building quality homes and vibrant communities. This partnership not only underscores HIVO's position as a leader in digital asset management software but also demonstrates its commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive success for its clients.

About Berkeley Group

Berkeley Group specialises in the regeneration of brownfield sites into exceptional places where communities thrive. With a vision to be a world-class business, Berkeley is dedicated to transforming challenging sites into outstanding developments, maximizing positive impacts on society, the economy, and the natural world.

About HIVO

As a leading provider of digital asset management software, HIVO is dedicated to helping businesses streamline their digital asset management processes. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and customer success, HIVO empowers companies like Berkeley Group to achieve their digital transformation goals, ensuring efficiency, brand consistency, and sustainable growth.

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