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Automation for Sporting

Digital Asset Management has always been very central to
the sport use case as visual content is the hero of your
business and customer engagement. Maintain a single source
of truth with powerful AI features like facial recognition and
auto tagging.

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AI-Driven Management for Sporting Organisation Assets

Facial Recognition

Face detection and recognition saves a huge amount of time in searching and finding faces of your players, administrators and management. Search by face to share, download or archive.

Workflow Approvals

Creating asset derivatives and gaining management approval is simple with HIVO’s approval workflow process. Set brand managers, request approval on a specific version and send notifications.

Layer Locked Image Editor

Create assets and templates with our user friendly UI and market leading layer locking functionality. Turn light users into on brand content creators with HIVO.

Digital Asset Management for
Sporting Clubs, Organisations and Associations

Shared Upload Links

Image and video content are key digital assets for any sporting organisation showcasing your best be it on the field or off. One of the major pain points is the receiving of these assets from your photographers and videographers. Often they will send a shared link for you to download (which can take ages) and then you have to upload them all over again, more waiting. Especially if they are raw files. HIVO’s shared upload links allows you to send the upload link to your photographer or video contractor to upload directly into your HIVO account, including tagging the assets and adding metadata. Game Changer!

Consent Management

With so much personal data being stored digitally, it is essential that Sporting Organisations have a clear and robust consent management strategy in place. There are a number of factors to consider when developing a consent management strategy for sporting organisations. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that all personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes obtaining explicit consent from individuals before collecting or processing their data.

Auto Version Creation

These days, there are a million different CMS that you need to upload your content to in order to scale your online presence. This means a million different version sizes. This can be a nightmare if you don’t have a DAM system like HIVO. In client profile settings, version sizes can be edited and created to ensure your assets are exactly how you want them. When you are ready to download the asset, simply click custom to choose from a number of templated canvas sizes or create a custom size specifically for your CMS of choice. Just download or save as a version.

Google Chrome Extension

When it comes time to distribute your assets, often the challenge is to finding the right assets, then the version, then the right embed link. HIVO’s one click embed link allows you to connect your central repository of assets to any web based CMS with a URL upload. This saves the need for deep integration with hundreds of systems and allows you to keep a single source of truth across your entire asset library. No more where is this asset or that version. Everything stays in its place, easy to find and quick to share. The HIVO chrome extension is also compatible with Microsoft edge for enterprises.

Quick Tagging

One of the most important aspects of a successful DAM implementation is a quick tag panel that lets you organise and classify your hero content. So that they can be easily found and used by authorised users. There are a few different ways to manage tags within a DAM system, and each sporting organisation will need to decide which method works best for their needs. Tags can be configured to be mandatory to ensure your users are contributing to the accuracy of the tagging and most importantly the search recall of assets. Allow these tags to be used on your shared upload links for your contractors to do it for you, or not, it is up to you.

Smart Collections

Need a collection of your start player or a set of tags like location, tag and face combined? With HIVO smart collections you can add a series of automated rules to automatically add assets to a collection once they have been uploaded. Once you have set your rules you can also create another set of rules to accumulate multiple settings in the one collection. Then share that collection with your internal team, quick link from your dashboard home page or create a shared link for sharing the collection internally.

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