Finance and Insurance

Digital Asset Management for Finance and Insurance Companies

HIVO's platform for managing digital assets is essential for establishing trust and consistency when creating a trustworthy and recognizable brand, especially in traditional and competitive industries like finance and insurance.

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Organize, Secure & Share: HIVO DAM
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Self Service Access to Digital Assets

Align your companies organisational structure and operations with a customised taxonomy and metadata, including categories such as teams, regions, languages, campaigns or different brands to help everyone on the team browse and quickly find the right materials.

Enhanced security and control over access to sensitive information

A DAM platform provides granular control regarding access to digital assets, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive financial and insurance information. This can help to protect against data breaches and other security threats.

Streamlined collaboration and sharing of assets

THe HIVO platform allows for seamless sharing and collaboration on digital assets among team members and external resources and partners. An increased level of access improves communication and reduces the risk of errors and delays.

HIVO  Digital Asset Management for
Finance and Insurance

Highly Secure Asset Library

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Increased Ability to Track and Analyse the Performance and use of Digital Assets

Our AI-driven platform allows you to build and train your own tagging models tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're focusing on a particular ecosystem, geographical location, rare species, or unique behaviours, our software enables you to fine-tune the tagging criteria saving you valuable time in cataloging and making retrieval more accurate and efficient.

Automation of Digital Asset Management Processes

HIVO automates many manual processes associated with asset management, such as tagging, searching, and organising, reducing the need for human labour and thus lowering costs. This can save time and increase efficiency, allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks. Additionally, the HIVO platform provides built-in workflow automation, which automates tasks such as approvals, version control, and archiving, further reducing the need for manual intervention.

Scalability and Flexibility

The HIVO platform can be customised and scaled to suit the specific needs of a finance or insurance company, providing flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. This allows companies to grow and evolve their digital asset management capabilities as their needs change. Additionally, HIVO provides integration with other systems and tools, such as marketing automation platforms, which can further enhance scalability and flexibility.

Enhanced Customer Experience

HIVO collections and library features can enable faster and more accurate access to assets and information, improving the overall experience of finance and insurance customers. This can then lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing customers with easy access to relevant information and reducing the number of customer service inquiries, helping to free up staff time for more critical tasks.

Brand Consistency for Finance and Insurance Companies

HIVO’s digital asset management platform allows companies to establish and maintain brand consistency by providing a central location to store and manage all brand assets, such as logos, images, designs, animations and other visual elements. This ensures that all assets are up to date, consistent in style and messaging, and that they comply with the company's guidelines and compliance standards.

Advanced Searchability and Filtering

HIVO’s digital asset management platform provides advanced search capabilities, making it easy for finance and insurance teams to find the assets they need quickly and easily. Additionally, through custom metadata and taxonomies, companies can make sure that their assets are easily discoverable and searchable by keywords or categories, which also improves the user experience when searching for information.

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Patrick Rose, Creative Director, ACT Government

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