How REVO Fitness uses HIVO to power Marketing Operations, Digital Asset Management and Creative Content Production

An unstoppable brand with an unbeatable offer.

REVO Fitness is Perth’s leading and most innovative gym operator in Perth, Western Australia, with gyms in 6 locations and growing. REVO Fitness has a mission to create a gym environment that encourages a healthy relationship between every person's lifestyle and fitness goals. To achieve their mission, the REVO Fitness team focuses on creating accessible gym locations, with an encouraging atmosphere, 24 hour access and very affordable gym membership fees ($9.69/month, no lock in contract).

Fitness brands have always had a need for content to serve both promotional and operational purposes, including use cases such as:

  • content generated in collaboration or for use by personal trainers who work at the gym;
  • promotional photos, videos, animations and graphics for social media;
  • how-to videos that demonstrate step by step workout regimes;
  • videos, graphics and animated advertising messages displayed on digital screens throughout the gym;
  • graphics and designs used on merchandise, company documents, advertising campaigns and promotional collateral;
  • audio and playlists played throughout the gym; and
  • content on the website and support pages.

The ability to talk to our marketing team in real time is invaluable. Rather than going back and forth via email; the ability to mark and tag our creative team in posts on artwork, videos and documents allows us to quickly turnaround content and any marketing collateral we need.

Andrew Holder

Owner of Revo Fitness

Why REVO use the HIVO platform:

As a rapidly growing business, REVO Fitness needed a way to scale marketing operations and gradually reduce senior management's involvement in day to day marketing and creative production tasks, while still maintaining a level of strategic oversight.

In collaboration with REVO Fitness’s partner marketing agency OKMG (a HIVO partner agency) the team at HIVO have worked to design systems and HIVO features that have assisted REVO Fitness to solve this problem.

Today, all of REVO Fitness’s brand assets are stored within their HIVO Library and HIVO’s ‘Initiative’ and ‘Task’ features are used on a daily basis to help the business take control of their marketing operations and chart the course for achieving the next level of business growth.

Streamlining REVO’s Marketing Operations:

Marketing departments now require marketing operations software to streamline processes and take control of creative project management. Those businesses who don’t have this software in place will get left behind.

HIVO helps marketers manage the entire creative content production process in one place to help teams like REVO Fitness consistently create great content that is on-brand, as well as meeting all content licensing and compliance requirements.

HIVO’s workflow features are designed to manage content briefs, budgets, schedules, resources, review and distribution of approved creative across multiple channels, meant that once REVO had implemented HIVO, management could focus on higher value tasks within the business.

Building trust in HIVO has assisted in REVO’s Fitnesses CEO and management team to be less involved in marketing operations with the peace of mind and confidence that others, both on the REVO team and from external agencies and suppliers, can step up and continue to produce great work.

Scaling New Marketing Initiatives

One of the biggest challenges for any marketing department within an organisation is interfacing with the rest of the company, suppliers and agency partners. Everything from current logo requests, a new press release, strategic digital initiatives, video projects and other simple requests can take up 30% of an individual's day.

By using HIVO’s Initiative feature creating a templated and repeatable process for new marketing initiatives, projects, and management of production requests, can be done in a planned and methodical manner, including the ability to assign HIVO partner organisations, track request types and set project deadlines.

Creative Project Management & Task Allocation:

The average marketing department of a small business has anywhere between 10-20 marketing projects ‘on the go’ at any time and for enterprises, it is more like 300 projects. Everything from social media posts, a new whitepaper, podcast, or global TV campaign. The need for a bird’s eye view of all marketing tasks in progress, on hold, and completed has never been so crucial.

Once a new HIVO Initiative or brief has been created, users can easily assign external suppliers, allocate internal resources, budget time spent, set due dates and define budgets. Drag and drop events make it easy to change statuses, reschedule resources and link to creative assets.

Then once the project has been started, it can be given a ‘work in progress’ or ‘ongoing’ status to centralise all creative assets, invoices, resources, media plans and team communication. Or if you work in some other way, you can customise your own stages of workflow. The task overview screen can be tailored to show summaries of all outstanding production tasks, as well as the ability to view a history of recently uploaded assets, requests, management of asset review and approvals.

The usability is second to none and the HIVO team are always updating the system to make it even better. HIVO also ask for our user feedback to continue to push their product to the next level. I would highly recommend HIVO to any company of any size.

Andrew Holder

Owner of Revo Fitness

In Conclusion

Digital Asset Management is the engine and the central source of truth for everything REVO Fitness creates and disseminates for the brand. The HIVO platform streamlines REVO’s marketing processes while keeping them incredibly organised and efficient.

By using HIVO, REVO Fitness is able to build brand consistency, brand loyalty and brand longevity, helping them preserve a complete history of brand assets that can be retained for reference and repurposing at the click of a button.

If your business is like REVO Fitness and wanting to take control over your digital assets and marketing operations -

Get in touch with our team today to  request a demonstration and see HIVO in action.