Content Automation Software

Automate repetitive
content creation tasks

Enable individuals without creative expertise to tailor content and rapidly scale their market presence. HIVO’s content automation software provides organizations with the tools to create consistent brand materials as needed, without overburdening their creative staff.

Trusted by leading brands

AI-enabled content creation

Enhancing productivity with automation

Content automation software frees up valuable time for content professionals by automating repetitive tasks. With automation, businesses can accelerate content creation and distribution processes, allowing teams to focus on creating strategic, high-quality content.

With HIVO’s content automation software, you can:

  • Strengthen brand integrity to ensure very piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale.
  • Achieve a faster time to market with more campaigns launched each year and with ease of iteration.
  • Reduce production costs with endless hours of time saved across the organisation without needing to outsource production.

Create brand compliant content at scale

Empower staff who need self-service capabilities to become content creators while automatically maintaining brand consistency. Content automation software enables designers and creatives to establish pre-approved components for an asset, facilitating its swift recreation and customization for various organizational uses.

With HIVO’s content automation software, you can:

  • Maximize your existing data and eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement.
  • Empower teams across the whole organisation to create on-brand content.
  • Reduce risk to ensure your brand is in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail.

Content automation software features

Empower everyone
to create content

HIVO empowers all staff to become content creators without compromising on brand control and consistency.  Our content automation features enable designers and creatives to set templates with pre-defined layers that can be edited with simple text fields and without altering the quality and integrity of the design itself.

Create and distribute  
on-brand content

Creating on-brand content in HIVO takes minutes instead of hours. HIVO’s template design features will help your team design and create content quickly and easily while sticking to your design principles and brand guidelines.

Instant InDesign
template imports

Experience seamless creativity with HIVO's integration with InDesign. Effortlessly import your designs from InDesign directly into HIVO templates. Enjoy the freedom for non-designers to edit and refine certain aspects of imported designs in HIVO, while locking other layers to preserve the original design integrity.

Lock layers to
control design access

HIVO’s template feature allows admin users to lock layers of templates so that light users can only change certain elements (eg. a title or heading). This means your designers can focus on ideation, critical thinking and complex creative work, instead of repetitive design tasks that can now be completed by marketers and down stream users.

Photo editing

Creating social media posts and banners has never been easier.

Every photo in your HIVO library can be cropped, scaled and edited to perfectly match all channel requirements with just a few clicks.

Easily add text to images, straighten frames and adjust colours to get the most out of your content.

Video editing

With HIVO’s video editing tool you can reduce your reliance on costly and time-consuming professional video editors and production agencies. Simple video edits, changes and channel optimizations can be completed by users with no video editing experience within minutes.

Save content templates

Quickly find the right content canvas size across print, Facebook, Google, Instagram and all other mainstream platforms within HIVO’s template library. Save your own templates unique to your business, or browse the HIVO contributors template library.

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