Australia's South West Adopts HIVO's Brand Platform

About Australia’s South West:

The South West of WA is more than just a destination – it’s a hotspot for wildly unique experiences, incredible scenery and fascinating wildlife encounters.

Australia’s South West is the peak regional tourism organisation for the South West of Western Australia, which is made up of more than 1000km of breathtaking coastline, 24 national parks, towering forests, agriculturally rich land and beautiful natural formations.

The organisation represents this awe-inspiring destination and the attractions, businesses and products that can be found in the region. The team shares a wealth of knowledge about this diverse region, and can be contacted for advice on internationally market ready products, new product offerings, local tips and individually catered itineraries.

The Structure of Tourism in Western Australia:

Western Australia is divided into five tourism regions - Australia's South West, Australia's Golden Outback, Australia's Coral Coast, Australia's North West and Destination Perth. Each of these regions is marketed by a Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO). The activities of RTOs are undertaken with assistance and financial support from the tourism industry and Tourism Western Australia.

The primary objective of Australia’s South West is to create excitement and wonder whilst encouraging more people to visit the area. To deliver on their mission, Australia’s South West design and implement through-the-line destination marketing campaigns. This requires a considerable volume of creative assets, in all different formats, from a multitude of suppliers. It would be fair to say that an outdated dropbox was not working. Content output was slow, finding assets was near impossible and approval workflows were left as an afterthought.

Simplifying and streamlining marketing processes with the HIVO platform:

During onboarding with HIVO, ASW created a simple business schema, prioritising meta tagging by business unit, campaign, year (reverse date) assisted by HIVO’s frequently used tags based on the latest assets to be uploaded.

HIVO Collections, another powerful organisational tool, enables the quick finding of approved go-to-market assets, as well as sharing out to key stakeholders and partners via a url. While automated versioning of assets within HIVO also saves the business valuable time, with web-res and thumbnail versions of any hi-res asset being automatically created at the time of upload.

Partnering for increased collaboration:

A key partnering opportunity was identified during on-boarding with Australia’s South West HIVO account being partnered with Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association’s (MRBTA) HIVO account. Now the MRBTA and ASW can align on a common mission to increase tourism within the area through the sharing of marketing workflows, strategic planning, photography and video assets being seamlessly visible in both organisations HIVO libraries.

HIVO is now the common platform to enhance content collaboration, subsequently making the content production and asset sharing processes a breeze. By having access to other businesses assets being created in the market, businesses see their content spend going further and the re-purposing of existing assets increasing.

Scaling branding guidelines efficiently:

Before ASW adopted the HIVO platform, brand governance was administered via PDF style guides and brand kits were emailed to partners and suppliers for marketing use with no way of tracking who had access to what and whether the provided assets were the most up to date versions.

After adopting HIVO, ASW now utilise HIVO’s brand guidelines portal and have created a central and most importantly, digital, brand guideline that are easily sent out via a live URL for easy access to assets by end users. This digital brand guidelines functionality has meant ASW no longer have to send multiple emails with attached assets and they have the ability to create multiple guidelines for whatever purpose they like (eg. sub-brands or guidelines for specific projects).

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