About HIVO

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HIVO is a digital asset management platform that is on a
mission to unite technology, teams and data across multiple
businesses to all work together in a collaborative and secure
cloud environment.

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About the HIVO platform

Streamlining Digital Content Management

Thousands of brand managers, creatives, IT professionals, developers, engineers and marketers use HIVO every day to create, review, download, approve, share and store digital content. HIVO differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on developing easy to learn and use, design-led and automated user experiences.

All-in-One Platform for Content Creation and Collaboration

Whether you're sharing content with external agencies, creating a video for social media, writing the brief for a press release, viewing a branded style guide, reviewing a website mockup, requesting approval from a colleague, or starting an automated marketing campaign - it can all be done within the one platform: HIVO.

High performance teams use HIVO for:


Streamlined sharing, ensuring consistent and clear messages.

Reduce Risk

Protect assets and govern usage rights and minimise data breach possibilities.

Cost Savings

Decreases time wasted searching and save on software license costs.


Grows with your team's needs without compromising on performance.

Brand Consistency

Ensures uniform brand presentation across all assets and platforms.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate insights for strategic decision-making.

Operational Efficiency

Centralise assets to enhance workflow speed.

Improved Productivity

Speed up project completion and reduce time to market.

HIVO: A Definition

HIVO (noun.): A term inspired by the “hive mind” approach to human behaviour.

HIVO mind is a collective consciousness, analogous to the behaviour of social insects, in which a group of people become aware of their commonality and think and act as a community, sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and resources.

In the context of the HIVO platform, HIVO facilitates humans and AI coming together as teams and partners to create experiences and communications that benefit the company they work for and the entire community of HIVO users.

Example: “HIVO enables a large number of people to communicate and share their digital assets, knowledge and opinions with each other, producing a highly robust and collective brand intelligence.”

Streamline your digital asset management, proofing and approval workflows with HIVO.

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