Why the Fremantle Football Club Need the HIVO Digital Asset Management Platform

Why the Fremantle Football Club Need the HIVO Digital Asset Management Platform

The Fremantle Football Club (“the Dockers”) are a professional Australian rules football team that competes in the Australian Football League (AFL). The Dockers were founded in 1994 in honour of the rich footballing history associated with the Western Australian port city of Fremantle, and entered the AFL the following year.

As with all AFL clubs, the Fremantle Football Club is a commercial organisation and the business is divided into a number of different departments, including:

  • Business Operations
  • Team Store
  • Events
  • Community Goals
  • Corporate and Sponsorship
  • Premium Partners
  • Sponsorship Partners
  • Football Operations
  • Media and Communications
  • Marketing Department
  • Media Department

Each of these divisions works with a significant number of digital assets on a daily basis, across documents, photos, videos, logos, audio files, game footage and design templates.

How the Fremantle Dockers are using HIVO Digital Asset Management

The HIVO digital asset management platform acts as a single source of truth between each of these departments and the digital assets they use. Business processes from the media and communications department alone include press releases, creative collateral approvals, player releases, photography and video production projects and AFL media requests and submissions.

HIVO also provides templated and repeatable digital processed accross briefs, produces, stores, reviews, collaborates and approves digital assets.

An initial strategy period and onboarding plan was developed which identified the Dockers use cases for HIVO across the business, including digitisation of paper based and cumbersome workflows.

HIVO has helped the Fremantle Dockers Football Club’s align their digital strategy with their strategic business processes across their content production, sponsorship and corporate departments.

Collaborating with the communications team to ensure all sponsor assets are managed and presented as required, while also taking the lead managing relationships with key digital suppliers.

HIVO provides content analytics and reporting and will help identify new opportunities for introducing innovative digital products and features.

HIVO helps the Fremantle Football Club be at the forefront of the digital product space and champion the important connection between sport and innovation.

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