Digital Asset Management for City of Busselton

About the City of Busselton

The City of Busselton is a fast-growing organisation delivering a vast range of facilities and services for its growing community. Governed by a Council consisting of nine elected members elected by the whole district, the City manages facilities such as the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport , Geographe Leisure Centre, Naturaliste Community Centre, libraries, ArtGeo and the Kookaburra Caravan Park.

The City of Busselton also delivers services such as planning and building approvals, environmental health inspections, events management, ranger and fire services, youth, aged and other community services, waste management, road construction and maintenance, parks and gardens maintenance and much more.

Effectively communicating internally and with the public is essential for all levels of government in Australia. The HIVO digital asset management platform allows the City of Busselton to leverage its investment in commissioned and stock photography by allowing it to effectively store, search, collaborate and retrieve these images while maintaining centralised usage control.

Key Digital Asset Management Issues:

Key issues that HIIVO was able to address for the City of Busselton were:

  • To provide a means of sharing its extensive image library with general staff population, elected members and external stakeholders;
  • Manage access to high resolution images so that marketing and communications staff can effectively control image usage;
  • Provide a standardised cloud storage location for images and eliminate duplication on network drives across business units;
  • Ensure a robust web based solution with strong security protocols;
  • Allow metadata stored in the system to be easily exported;
  • Provide a service that was inline with the City of Busselton’s corporate branding;
  • Centralised image library for all users across;
  • Restrict access by user;
  • Categorise images by department, service and location;
  • Standardisation of branding assets and logos;
  • Provide special event access – i.e. launches, forums, meeting, etc; and
  • Efficiently distributed images to media and partners.

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