Archiving Historical Media and Digital Asset Management for the Fremantle Port Authority

In the heart of Australia's bustling maritime industry, Fremantle Port Authority stands as a beacon of heritage and innovation. With over a century's worth of archival imagery, including photos and videos of critical port infrastructure assets, the challenge of managing and preserving such a vast digital repository was monumental. Enter HIVO, a leading digital asset management software provider, tasked with improving and modernising Fremantle Port Authority's archival system. Visit the Fremantle Port Authority's website to explore their heritage and discover more about their operations.


Fremantle Port Authority's rich history was encapsulated in over 100 years of imagery, documenting the evolution of one of Australia's most significant port infrastructures. However, this invaluable asset faced risks of degradation, inaccessibility, and obscurity due to outdated management systems. The authority needed a solution that could not only preserve and digitise their historical assets but also make them easily accessible for operational and heritage purposes.


HIVO stepped in with a cutting-edge digital asset management and archive implementation solution tailored to meet the unique needs of Fremantle Port Authority. Our approach was twofold:

  • Digital Preservation: We initiated a comprehensive digital preservation project, converting and backing up historical photos and videos into and multiple accessible formats. This process ensured the preservation of Fremantle Port Authority's legacy, safeguarding it against losing assets that existed accross multiple devices and in different formats.
  • Streamlined Access and Management: Implementing HIVO's digital asset management software transformed the way Fremantle Port Authority accessed and utilised their archives. Our platform provided intuitive search capabilities, robust tagging, and categorisation features, making it effortless to locate specific assets for operational, historical, and promotional use.


The collaboration between HIVO and Fremantle Port Authority has been a resounding success. Our digital asset management solution has empowered the authority with:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Staff and stakeholders can now easily access historical and current imagery, facilitating better decision-making and showcasing the port's rich heritage.
  • Preserved Legacy: The conversion and backing up of archival content has ensured that over a century's worth of history is preserved for future generations, maintaining the cultural and operational integrity of Fremantle Port Authority.
  • Operational Efficiency: The streamlined management system has significantly reduced the time and resources required to manage and retrieve digital assets, improving overall operational efficiency.


The partnership between Fremantle Port Authority and HIVO exemplifies the power of innovative digital asset management in preserving history while enhancing operational efficiency. As Fremantle Port continues to thrive as a pivotal maritime hub, its visual legacy and future are now securely managed with HIVO's cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the port's history is accessible for generations to come.

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