James Cook University - Case Study

About James Cook University:

James Cook University (JCU), a renowned university in Australia, faced challenges in effectively managing their digital assets and streamlining their marketing operations. The marketing team struggled with scattered and disorganized digital assets, lack of version control, and difficulties in collaborating with team members. To overcome these challenges, JCU implemented HIVO Digital Asset Management (DAM) software and integrated it with their existing systems, including single sign-on (SSO) and Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC). This case study highlights how JCU successfully utilized HIVO DAM to power their marketing operations, including the onboarding process, setup of folder structure, asset permissions, and ongoing managed account support, along with the benefits of SSO and ACC integrations.

Onboarding Process

JCU's marketing team underwent a smooth onboarding process with HIVO DAM. HIVO provided comprehensive onboarding training and support to ensure a successful implementation period. The JCU team was able to quickly understand the features and functionalities of the DAM system, including uploading, organizing, and managing digital assets. HIVO also helped JCU in uploading and migrating their existing digital assets to the new system, ensuring a seamless transition for end users.

Setup of Folder Structure

One of the key features of HIVO DAM that greatly benefited JCU's marketing team was the setup of a well-structured folder system. The team collaborated with the HIVO support team to create a folder structure that aligned with their marketing campaigns, departments, and brand guidelines. This ensured that digital assets were organized in a logical and intuitive manner, making it easy for team members to locate and use assets in their marketing materials.

Asset Permissions

HIVO DAM provided JCU's marketing team with granular control over asset permissions. The team was able to set up customized permissions for different users and user groups, ensuring that only authorized personnel had access to specific digital assets. This helped in maintaining security and compliance, and prevented unauthorized usage of assets. The DAM system also allowed the team to set up expiration dates for assets, ensuring that outdated assets were automatically removed from the system, further improving asset management and compliance.

Single Sign On Integration

The integration of Single Sign On (SSO) with HIVO DAM greatly simplified the login process for JCU's marketing team. They could now access the DAM system using their existing university credentials, eliminating the need for separate login credentials. This not only saved time and effort for the team but also enhanced user experience and productivity, as they could seamlessly access the DAM system along with other university systems.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

The integration of Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) with HIVO DAM provided JCU's marketing team with a seamless workflow for managing Adobe Creative Cloud assets. They could now directly access their ACC assets from within the HIVO DAM system, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. This improved collaboration and version control, as team members could easily locate and use the latest version of ACC assets in their marketing materials, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their branding efforts.


The implementation of HIVO DAM, along with the integration of SSO and ACC, has revolutionized JCU's marketing operations, streamlining their asset management capabilities and improving overall efficiency. The well-structured folder system, customizable permissions, ongoing managed account support have empowered JCU's marketing team to effectively manage their digital assets, collaborate seamlessly, and ensure compliance with brand guidelines. The team has experienced significant benefits from using HIVO DAM, including improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined workflows

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