The Construction Training Fund Adopt HIVO’s DAM Software

About the Construction Training Fund:

The construction industry is the largest industry in WA employing tens of thousands of skilled workers in over 130 different occupations across the civil, commercial and residential sectors. It’s also the only industry in the state that has its own training fund.

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) is a statutory authority that assists Western Australia’s building and construction industry to meet its demands for skilled workers. CTF is 100% industry funded through the collection of the BCITF Levy which applies to all construction projects in WA.

A Board of industry representatives and an independent chairperson are responsible for the management of the CTF and members of the Building and Construction Industry Training Board are appointed by the Minister for Education and Training.

CTF’s mission is to support the training of eligible people in the building and construction industry. It’s goals are to improve the quality of training and increase the number of skilled workers in the building and construction industry.

How the CTF Work With HIVO:

CTF adopted the HIVO platform following the launch of the new construction futures center located in Belmont, Western Australia. The futures centre allows students to discover the diverse career opportunities and pathways available in WA’s building and construction industry through a hands’ on, interactive experience designed to be completed at a students own pace.

The centre includes a range of virtual and augmented reality technologies, artefacts, videos, interactive games and static displays specifically designed for the centre to educate and inspire students

The sheer volume of assets that are required to deliver an interactive centre, including all raw and draft draft assets is significant. Given the significant investment in producing these assets, CTF’s management and communications team required a solution to house and archive this content. Now CTF staff have a simple, intuitive and efficient way to share, collaborate and content and digital assets with staff and external providers, including marketing agencies and digital suppliers.

HIVO is also the brand portal for CTF and acts as the central source of truth to house the CTF’s brand, logo’s, artwork and marketing assets. HIVO provided CTF with a quick and easy way to compress all imagery and video assets, without compromising its quality, so CTF could save on storage costs, reduce the burden on it’s networks, and still have room to grow it’s library of media.

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