How RISE Internet uses HIVO to power marketing operations in the Philippines

RISE is an internet service provider operating in the Philippines. RISE provides business and enterprise with fast and reliable internet connectivity, with a real focus on quality and expert customer support. RISE has offices in Cebu and Manila and operates an independent network designed and engineered for speed and reliability, according to industry best practice.

RISE has achieved phenomenal growth over the last 5-10 years. Maintaining this growth requires putting into place systems and tools that can match this pace, while assisting the company to continue to scale.

HIVO has helped the RISE marketing and sales team automate time consuming marketing, communication and creative processes, with a user and group account and permission structure that scales as the team continues to grow. HIIVO has also helped break down the barriers of working with external international partners and marketing suppliers from across the globe.

Taking control with HIVO’s Marketing Approval Workflow software:

HIVO allows RISE’s marketing team to optimise marketing workflows, review and approve brand assets, digital files, and content resources all from one centralised platform. By creating custom initiatives and workflows to suit the way the team works, RISE has been able to take control over important processes and ensure team members are on the same page when it comes to the planning and status of all current and future tasks.

When work needs to be distributed, published, or approved by different teams, HIVO’s user commenting, review and notifications features makes it easy for staff and suppliers to make comments on work quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, HIVO assists RISE to increase the pace of editing and approval workflows and push more content to market.

Implementing Digital Asset Management for RISE:

The RISE marketing and sales team leverage HIVO as a single source of truth for sales and marketing assets allowing employees from sales, marketing and management to deliver exceptional and consistent customer experiences across all offline and online marketing channels.

HIVO helps RISE to maintain control throughout each stage of the content lifecycle. HIVO’s market-leading digital asset management platform has all of the features and tools you need to go to market faster without compromising on brand quality and control. Features include:

  • Faster access to brand-compliant content in any required format;
  • Finding the newest version of an asset, with secure permissions and attached copyright information;
  • Flexibility to reuse, edit and repurpose different digital assets stored on the HIVO platform;
  • Increased efficiency across teams, agency partners, consultants and creatives; and
  • Ability to export and download digital assets in various formats and file sizes, without the worry of affecting the original asset.

How RISE leverages HIVO for Marketing Resource Management:

HIVO’s resource management module allows businesses to increase visibility and align strategy and workflow with human resources in real-time. With the ability to prioritise tasks, allocate team members, streamline and structure approval processes, HIVO provides RISE with the confidence to reimagine their marketing resource management, resulting in a more efficient work day for all employees.

Marketing Resource Management features assisting RISE include:

  • Real-time reports and status updates across the entire team;
  • Streamlined workflows with agile marketing and project management tools;
  • Review and approve projects with ease and efficiency;
  • Increase in productivity and execution of projects faster;
  • Project managers assign work to members of different teams easily; and
  • Reports on business wide billable hours allowing RISE to accurately measure the capacity of individual team members.

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