HIVO's DAM Solution for the ACT Government's Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

HIVO, a leading digital asset management software provider based in Australia, has recently marked a significant achievement by securing a partnership with the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) of the ACT Government. This collaboration aimed to enhance the Directorate's capacity to manage, store, and utilize a vast collection of wildlife imagery and videos, which are critical for ongoing research projects and environmental conservation efforts.

The Challenge facing EPSDD

The EPSDD required a comprehensive solution that could not only accommodate the storage and automated tagging of a substantial volume of digital assets but also provide robust access controls, support for all major file formats, and advanced search capabilities. These needs were essential for streamlining the Directorate's operations and improving the efficiency of their environmental research and conservation projects.

HIVO’s Solution

HIVO stepped in with its state-of-the-art digital asset management platform, tailored to meet the Directorate's specific requirements. Our solution offered:

  • Automated Tagging and Storage: Utilizing AI technology, our platform automated the tagging process for wildlife imagery and videos, significantly reducing manual labor and improving accuracy.
  • Advanced Access Controls: We implemented a sophisticated access control system with customizable user roles and group permissions, ensuring that sensitive data remained secure while facilitating collaboration.
  • Comprehensive File Format Support: Our software supports all major file formats, including video and audio, ensuring compatibility and ease of access.
  • Metadata Management: Support for IPTC, EXIF, and XMP metadata was integrated, allowing for detailed categorization and searchability of assets.
  • Customizable Search Filters: Advanced search and filter options were developed to enable users to quickly find the assets they need.
  • Public Sharing Capabilities: The ability to share collections of photos publicly was introduced, enhancing the Directorate's ability to communicate its conservation efforts.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Single Sign On leveraging Microsoft Azure AD. Network protection, including firewalls and secure file transfers were also prioritized to safeguard the Directorate's digital assets.
  • Duplicate Detection and File Management: Our solution can identify and remove duplicate files, organize and rename images, and apply comprehensive metadata, significantly improving digital asset management.

The Results

The implementation of HIVO's digital asset management solution has dramatically transformed the Directorate's ability to manage and utilize its vast collection of digital assets. The automated tagging and advanced search capabilities have saved countless hours of manual labor, while the secure and customizable access controls have ensured that sensitive information remains protected. The ability to share collections publicly has also increased the visibility of the Directorate's conservation efforts.


HIVO's collaboration with the EPSDD of the ACT Government is a testament to the power of digital innovation in supporting environmental conservation efforts. Our tailored digital asset management solution has not only met the Directorate's complex requirements but has also set a new standard for efficiency, security, and collaboration in managing digital assets. This successful engagement highlights HIVO's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our clients.

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