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HIVO's Digital Asset Management platform offers advanced
tools for media and entertainment companies to efficiently
organise, distribute, and monetize their digital assets. It
includes features such as advanced search, collaboration,
security, workflow automation, and analytics to streamline
operations and save costs.

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Organisation and
Ease of Access

HIVO provides a centralized location for storing, organising, and managing digital assets, making it easy for media companies to find and access the files they need quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined Workflows
and Automation

HIVO has lots of workflow automations and collaboration tools, which can help media and entertainment companies to streamline their processes and improve efficiency, by automating repetitive tasks, and allowing teams to work together more effectively.

Analytics and Reporting

HIVO’s analytics and reporting features help media and entertainment companies track and analyze their digital assets, and gain valuable insights into how they are being used and how they are performing. This can help them make better decisions about their content, as well as identify opportunities for monetization.

Digital Asset Management Solution
for Media and Entertainment

Improved Organisation and Accessibility
of Digital Assets

The HIVO digital asset management (DAM) platform centralises and organises digital assets, making them easily accessible for teams and departments at media and entertainment companies. This allows for faster search and retrieval of relevant assets, reducing the time and effort required when working with digital assets.

Streamlined Distribution and
Monetization of Assets

The HIVO platform allows media and entertainment companies to distribute and monetise their digital assets, such as videos, images, and audio files, more easily. This can help to increase revenue opportunities and also improve the experience for both users and customers.

Enhanced Security and Control over Access
to Sensitive Information

The HIVO DAM platform provides granular control over access to digital assets, ensuring that only authorised staff and partners have access to sensitive information. This can help to protect against data breaches and other security threats.

Improved Collaboration and
Workflow Automation

A DAM platform allows for seamless collaboration on digital assets among team members and can automate many manual processes associated with asset management, such as tagging, searching, and organising, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Increased ability to track and analyse the
performance and use of digital assets

A DAM platform can provide analytics and metrics on how digital assets are being used, helping media and entertainment companies to identify popular assets, usage patterns, and performance.

Scalability and flexibility

A DAM platform can be customised and scaled to suit the specific needs of a media or entertainment company, providing flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. This allows companies to grow and evolve their digital asset management capabilities as their needs change.

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Patrick Rose, Creative Director, ACT Government

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