Fed Square's Digital Asset Management Transformation with HIVO

Fed Square, a cornerstone of Melbourne's cultural landscape, is a hub of diversity and engagement, showcasing a myriad of events, art exhibitions, and community initiatives. To manage its complex digital asset portfolio effectively, Fed Square engaged HIVO, Australia’s leading digital asset management software solution provider. This partnership has set new standards in managing digital content and fostering community connection.

Challenges Faced

Fed Square faced a number of key challenges when managing it’s digital content:

  • Asset Management Inefficiency: Prior to collaborating with HIVO, the task of managing digital assets was cumbersome and time-consuming for Fed Square, significantly delaying campaign and event promotions.
  • Content Creation Silos: The absence of a unified management system led to duplicated efforts across departments, resulting in inconsistent branding and messaging.
  • External Collaboration Difficulties: The process of sharing assets with artists, sponsors, and media partners was inefficient, hindering the seamless promotion of events.

HIVO's Custom Solutions

Centralized Digital Asset Repository

HIVO’s solution introduces a cloud-based digital asset management system that serves as the central repository for all of Fed Square's digital content. This approach ensures that digital assets are organized, easily accessible, and readily shareable, streamlining the process of launching marketing campaigns and facilitating event promotions.

Enhanced Collaboration

By leveraging HIVO’s platform, Fed Square enjoys enhanced collaboration within its team and with external partners. The platform supports real-time editing, feedback, and approvals, crucial for the efficient coordination of large-scale events and festivals. This has significantly improved productivity and team dynamics.

Workflow Automation

HIVO’s solution automates routine tasks related to digital asset management, including the approval and distribution processes. This automation has assisted Fed Square’s staff to focus more on strategic initiatives and creative endeavors, enhancing operational efficiency and project delivery.

Brand Consistency Tools

HIVO’s brand guidelines solution helps to ensure that digital content, from social media graphics to promotional materials, is consistent with Fed Square’s brand. Readily available and accessible brand guidelines and assets helps to fortify Fed Square’s brand identity across digital channels, engaging a broader audience and stakeholders with a unified and compelling brand message.

Ongoing Impact

HIVO’s digital asset management solution has had an impact for Fed Square in the following key areas:

  • Operational Efficiency: The implementation of HIVO’s digital asset management solution has significantly streamlined Fed Square's operations, enabling more agile and effective marketing and event promotion strategies.
  • Collaboration and Productivity: The enhanced collaboration features have fostered a more integrated approach to planning and executing events, amplifying the cultural and community impact of Fed Square’s initiatives.


The strategic partnership between HIVO and Fed Square has improved Fed Square’s approach to digital asset management, fostering operational efficiency, brand cohesion, and collaborative productivity. By implementing HIVO, Fed Square has not only overcome its initial digital asset challenges but has also set a new standard for engaging with its audience and supporting its vibrant community. This collaboration underscores the critical role of advanced digital asset management in enhancing the cultural landscape and enriching public experiences in the digital age.

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