Environment and Wildlife

Digital Asset
Management for Environment and Wildlife

HIVO is a cloud-based digital asset management solution tailored for environment and wildlife organizations. With HIVO, you can systematically catalog and access your organization's digital assets, such as wildlife imagery and conservation videos, in a centralized, easily searchable location. No more sifting through disorganized data, HIVO empowers you to share your organization's mission and conservation efforts more effectively.

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Manage Your Wildlife and Environment Content with Ease

Centralized Access to Images and Videos

HIVO’s digital asset management software provides a centralised location for your environmental and wildlife content, accessible anywhere, anytime by a variety of different users.

Automated Tagging and Classification

HIVO's digital asset management platform features automate the tagging of your wildlife and conservation imagery, streamlining the cataloguing process and enhancing searchability.

Powerful Reporting and Auditing

Custom reports can be created to display asset metadata and information like species tags, wildlife camera locations, GPS locations and more.

HIVO  Digital Asset Management for Environment and
Wildlife Organisations

Centralised Asset Library

Securely store all your photographs, videos, sound files of the environment, geographical, wildlife  any other digital asset in a unified location, ensuring data is not lost in disparate folders or drives with limited access for your team

Automated and Custom Tagging Models

Our AI-driven platform allows you to build and train your own tagging models tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're focusing on a particular ecosystem, geographical location, rare species, or unique behaviours, our software enables you to fine-tune the tagging criteria saving you valuable time in cataloging and making retrieval more accurate and efficient..

Map Location View and Advanced
Search Features

Quickly locate specific wildlife assets using search parameters such as species, location, date of capture, colour, camera type, metadata or any custom tags that you've assigned.

Collaborative Sharing Tools

Share specific wildlife assets or entire projects with your team, partner organizations, or conservation stakeholders, facilitating seamless collaboration while ensuring asset security.

Digital Rights Management

Track how your wildlife assets are being used, by whom, and when. Assign access permissions and manage compliance with wildlife protection laws and intellectual property rights.

Analytics and Insights

Get valuable insights into the usage and impact of your wildlife assets. Identify the most viewed, shared, or downloaded assets, and leverage this data to better steer your wildlife conservation communication efforts.

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“The staff are getting a lot of daily use out of HIVO (and no longer requesting photos from me any more), so the platform has been a great success!”

Patrick Rose, Creative Director, ACT Government

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