How to Repurpose Content and Boost the Impact of Your Content Marketing

Andy Shedden
Creative Director

Content marketing is a must for almost any business....

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Content marketing is a must for almost any business. But just having a content management system and a content marketing strategy isn't enough to make the most of the potential this kind of marketing can offer. Yes, you need to deliver a constant flow of high-quality content to engage, interest, inform, and entertain your target audience. But to get the best bang for your buck, you need to learn how to optimise every content idea you have.

One of the core strategies to achieve this is to repurpose every piece of content. So, for example, if you have a winning blog post that gets lots of traffic, comments, and social shares, don't sit on your laurels. Take that content and turn it into a video to publish on your business's YouTube channel. Deliver the content on your podcast. Can you extract the key information in that content and cast it as an infographic to put out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Don't just leave the content sitting on your blog, send it out to your mailing list subscribers, too, right in the body of the email. Could it form the basis of a press release or newsworthy story? In short, if you're creating or buying content that works, don't stop there, but push that content out in as many formats and to as many channels as possible.

This has a number of effects. On one hand, it means that you're squeezing the maximum possible outreach value from every piece of content you own. But it also helps to develop a consistent message about your business. This in turn builds credibility and authority, which helps create trust and supports positive consumer interaction with your brand, leading to more sales.

If you haven't yet been optimising your content in this way, it's never too late to start. Make an inventory of all the content you have currently published and on which channels. Analyse that content to figure out how much impact it's had and if there have been any precisely measurable results such as increased sign-ups, social shares, or sales. Now define all the best content which could be repurposed and published on other channels and in other formats.

Simple duplication of the content may not always be possible, or even desirable, as different formats and channels have their own requirements. But as it's the content of the content that matters, re-writing, editing and adapting the content to make it suitable for other channels is probably worth it if it's already performing well. One of the greatest challenges to any business working on implementing its content strategy is keeping up a steady flow of new material. Optimising your pre-existing content to publish it on a wider platform is an economical and highly effective way to get every last drop of value from the content you publish.

The more content you have out there, the greater the number of channels you publish on, and the wider your reach, the better a return on your investment of time and money. Repurposing is an ideal way to build out your content strategy. And as you only repurpose your best, already proven content, you know that in the long run it'll boost your bottom line.