Template Design features

Create on-brand photos, videos, designs, artwork, documents and presentations all from one easy to use platform. Using the HIVO Template Design features, it has never been easier for managers to set brand controls and design templates that can be saved and reused by non designers right across an organisation at the click of a button.

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Create and Distribute On-brand Content

Creating on-brand content in HIVO takes minutes instead of hours. HIVO’s template design features will help your team design and create content quickly and easily while sticking to your design principles and brand guidelines.


Create Stunning Graphic Designs

Easily search for the best graphics, photos, artwork, logos and fonts, then use HIVO’s drag and drop tool to create a unique design within minutes. Optionally restrict features to only allow use of on brand assets as governed by your brand guidelines.


Lock Layers to Scale Designs

HIVO’s template feature allows admin users to lock layers of templates to that light users can only change certain elements (eg. a title or heading). This means your designers can focus on ideation, critical thinking and complex creative work, instead of repetitive design tasks that can now be completed by marketers and down stream users.


Photo Editing

Creating social media posts and banners has never been easier.

Every photo in your HIVO library can be cropped, scaled and edited to perfectly match all channel requirements with just a few clicks.

Easily add text to images, straighten frames and adjust colours to get the most out of your content.


Video Editing

With HIVO’s video editing tool you can reduce your reliance on costly and time-consuming professional video editors and production agencies.

Simple video edits, changes and channel optimisations can be completed by users with no video editing experience within minutes.


Save Content Templates

Quickly find the right content canvas size across print, Facebook, Google, Instagram and all other mainstream platforms within HIVO’s template library.

Save your own templates unique to your business, or browse the HIVO contributors template library.