Cloud Storage for Local Government Agencies

Digital Asset Management has now become a core application in local government digital transformation projects, moving from on-premise systems and storage to browser based web applications and cloud storage.

AI and ML Power

Stay ahead of the curve with a future-proof their DAM strategies by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into your workflow.

Secure Asset Library

HIVO’s secure asset library is a cloud-based solution that provides users with granular control over who can access, share, edit and download assets.

Save Time & Money

HIVO automates many tasks, such as transcoding video, image or audio files, creating thumbnails and previews, watermarking or generating metadata.

HIVO Digital Asset Management for Local Government Agencies Granular Permission Control

Granular Permission Control

Often government agencies struggle with the question of how to grant granular permission control for their digital assets to their employees while still maintaining security and compliance. This is where HIVO's digital asset management software comes in. HIVO offers a unique solution that allows local government agencies to give granular permission control to their employees while still maintaining security and compliance. With HIVO, each employee can be given access to only the assets they need, when they need it.

Consent Management

With so much personal data being stored digitally, it is essential that local government agencies have a clear and robust consent management strategy in place. There are a number of factors to consider when developing a consent management strategy for local government agencies. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that all personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes obtaining explicit consent from individuals before collecting or processing their data.


HIVO's Single sign-on (SSO) is a solution that allows users to access all their applications with one set of credentials. There are many benefits of using SSO for local government agencies. First, it saves users time by eliminating the need to remember multiple login credentials. Second, it increases security by reducing the number of places where sensitive information is stored. Third, it can improve efficiency by reducing the number of IT support calls related to forgotten passwords or login issues.

Copyright and Privacy Management

As digital asset management (DAM) systems become more prevalent in local government agencies, it is important for agency staff to understand copyright and privacy issues related to the use of these systems. Copyright law generally gives creators of original works the exclusive right to control how those works are used and reproduced. When a work is digitised and placed in a DAM system, it is important to consider how the work can be used within the system while still respecting the creator’s rights. There are a few ways to ensure that the creator’s rights are respected when digitising and placing a work in a DAM system.

Taxonomy and Tag Management

An effective DAM system can help agencies keep track of their digital assets, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve efficiency and productivity. One important aspect of an effective DAM system is a well-designed taxonomy or schema. A taxonomy helps to organize and classify digital assets so that they can be easily found and used by authorized users. A schema also provides a consistent way to tag assets, which makes it easier to search for and retrieve specific items. There are a few different ways to manage tags within a DAM system, and each local government agency will need to decide which method works best for their needs.

User Rights and Governance

As a local government agency, it is important to have a clear understanding of user rights and governance when using digital asset management software, such as HIVO. User rights refer to the permissions that users have within the system. For example, you might have a "view only" group, a "can edit" group, and a "can delete" group. This approach can be helpful in preventing accidental deletion of assets, as well as in providing different levels of access for different users. HIVO DAM system can help you keep track of your digital assets and who has access to them. It can also help you control how your assets are used and ensure that only authorised users can access them.

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