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HIVO is an intelligent cloud based digital asset management platform developed with a focus on simple, intuitive and automated user experience. Thousands of brand managers, creatives, IT professionals, developers, engineers and marketers use HIVO every day to brief, create, review, download, approve, share and store digital content.

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Digital Asset Management

Use the media library feature to upload, download, view and manage media such as photos, videos, transcripts, PDF’s, spreadsheets and design files.

All media is stored in the cloud on AWS S3 servers.


Search Engine

Search for digital assets and filter by task, keyword, file type, user, date range, colour codes and more. Customise HIVO’s lightning fast search results to display search results in grid or list formats.


Predictive Search Terms

Predictive search in digital asset management makes searching for the files you are looking for a whole lot faster. HIVO’s search engine suggests search terms that could be what you're looking for or tags related to the search topic.


Folder View

Optionally display folders with multiple levels and hierarchy. Upon on-boarding onto the HIVO platform, our support team will work with you to keep the same filing structure and asset taxonomy you currently have, or help your company implement a new one.


Multiple Formats and Sizes

Ability to export and download assets in various formats and file sizes without affecting original assets.

Optionally save exported assets as a new version and let HIVO's digital asset management platform automatically convert large file sizes into smaller versions.


Automated Tagging with Machine Learning

Automatically identify and tag objects, people, text, scenes, and activities as metadata in images and videos as they are uploaded to your library. This metadata can be used to easily search your images and videos with keywords in the search engine, or to find the right assets for content syndication.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology can identify and recognise faces in images uploaded into HIVO.

Find and tag images of the CEO, upload are lease form, or quickly identify the same face in your Library.


Online Review

Share links with no login requirements for external review by other departments(eg. legal compliance) within your organisation.

Time-stamped video review and one-click commenting on photos from users with and without a login.


Metadata Management

Automated and mass metadata tagging of digital assets based on machine-learning and artificial intelligence.

Rapidly tag and update individual assets or a selection of files in just a few clicks with metadata management built for speed and simplicity.


Automated File Versioning

Automated file versioning features for easy new version creation of thumbnails and web-resolution assets.

Easily upload and download customised versions and leave a trail from first drafts to the final draft.


Attach Talent and Creative Licenses

Ensure your brand is legally compliant across thousands of assets, agencies, freelancers, and talent and influencer agreements.

Keep copyright and licensing agreements attached to your assets within the HIVO digital asset management platform.


Automated Collections

With automated collections, users can create rules and automated workflows based on facial recognition, location, filetype and more. Then when new assets are uploaded into the Library, they will be automatically added into collections based on your rules.


Two-stage Asset Upload Approvals

Keep your library organised and moderated by internal account administrators via a two-stage upload and approval process. Have staff, suppliers or photographers tag and upload content for you and then approve the upload prior to assets being submitted to your asset library.


Duplicate Scanner and Removal

Automatically identify duplicate assets during the upload process, or manually run duplicate scans across your entire asset library. Remove duplicate assets or merge assets as seperate versions.


Granular Permissions

Apply customised permission structures tailored to your organisational structure so only people with access can view, edit and download the correct content.

Permissions can be set by individual and at a group or department level.


Shareable Collections

Share entire collections of assets both with external and internal users in our digital asset management software.

View, favourite and access collections that you have received, shared or published online, as well as your own private collections.


File Optimisation

All supported file types uploaded to HIVO are automatically optimised and converted to previews, accessible and ready to use at any time on any platform, ensuring you maximise your digital media asset expenditure.


Access Anywhere

As a cloud digital asset management system, your media library is available in the cloud on any device and accessible anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

HIVO is your control panel for easy access to assets and the world of digital media production and publishing.


Highly Secure

HIVO is monitored by a world class 24/7 managed cyber security service that is ISO27001 compliant.

HIVO can provide your digital, IT and legal teams with peace of mind, live alerts and response playbooks that combat real and potential cyber threats within your digital ecosystem.


Asset Notifications

Receive in-app notifications when new media is ready for download, a comment is published, a change is requested and a whole lot more.

Optionally also receive notifications by email.


Archiving Digital Assets

Keep your digital asset bank up-to-date by archiving files and media automatically via a set expiry date.

Manage digital asset restrictions to only the latest or most relevant assets, with the option to recover previous versions only if you need them.


Custom Tags and Asset Taxonomies

Easily add tags and metadata to your digital assets based on a taxonomy that is unique to your business and to enable lightning fast search and asset recall for users.


Search by Location, Address or Place

HIVO’s powerful search engine enables users to search and filter assets based on where assets were originally created.

Searches can be done by address, location, place name, latitude and longitude coordinates.