A flexible and robust digital brand management tool

A flexible and robust digital brand management tool to manage brand guidelines, copyright compliance, design assets, videos and fonts. Leading brand managers interested in scaling fast and creating brand equity love working with HIVO to maintain control of their brand.

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A flexible and robust digital brand management platform to manage brand guidelines, legal, production and talent compliance.

HIVO helps leading brands scale branding initiatives fast and create brand equity.


Digital Brand Guidelines Creation

Say good-bye to cumbersome PDF brand guidelines that are typically difficult and slow to create, update and share.

Create beautiful digital brand guidelines in just a few clicks and actually ‘inspire’ designers, brand partners and marketing teams to create impactful work at scale.


Multiple Brand Guidelines

Have more than one brand? No worries!

With HIVO’s Branding feature you can house multiple brand guidelines and share them with only the people who work on each brand.

Never get requests to provide logos, images, videos or design assets again!


Share Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines created within HIVO can be accessed by users of your HIVO account and optionally shared via a secure url link.

This means no more email attachments and no more sending the wrong versions.


Apply Your Brand from Anywhere

Creating and storing your brand guidelines in HIVO means they live in the cloud.

This provides end users with seamless navigation and rapid access to the precise instructions they need to instantly download brand assets (such as colour codes, logos and images) on the spot.


Integrate Branding into Production Workflows

Using HIVO’s Brand Guidelines in conjunction with HIVO Tasks means you can enforce compliance and accountability.

Leading a more seamless workflow to enable better quality brand outcomes and consistent branded applications.


Legal Compliance

Monitoring creative licenses of branded content is a significant challenge across every piece of content and all marketing initiatives.

HIVO makes providing access and review to legal teams, or the CMO, seamless and easy to update so that all branded communications comply with company policies, legal and regulatory frameworks.