Digital Asset Management for Retail

HIVO is a cloud-based digital asset management solution designed for retail. With HIVO, you can organise and easily access your institution's digital assets, such as images and videos, in a central, searchable location. No more searching through multiple folders, HIVO allows you to share your institution's story in a more efficient manner.

Centralised Location for Digital Assets

With HIVO’s digital asset management platform all your assets are stored in a centralised location which greatly improves access, organisation and team collaboration.

Automated Version Creation

Select which output you need and then watch HIVO automatically create that version based on things like file type, size, ratios and more.

Automated Background Removal

HIVO utilises cutting edge image processing technology to automatically remove the background from an image or batch of images, leaving only the main subject of the image.

HIVO Digital Asset Management for Retail

Multi-channel Distribution

With HIVO, retail businesses can automatically distribute digital assets across multiple channels, such as e-commerce platforms, social media, and email marketing. This helps improve the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by making it easy to use the same assets across multiple channels. It also automates the process of sending the assets to the different channels, reducing the workload of the teams.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflow processes can help retail businesses to streamline and optimise their digital asset management operations. This includes tasks such as asset organisation, tagging, and approval workflows. Automating these tasks can save time and reduce the risk of errors, improving overall efficiency.

Catalog and Product Management

This feature of HIVO allows retail businesses to manage and organise product information and images, including linking assets to specific products and organising them into collections. This makes it easy for teams to find and use the correct assets for a specific product, and also helps to ensure consistency across different channels. HIVO can also integrate with your PIM platform.

Search and Discovery

HIVO’s advanced search engine functionality allows retail businesses to easily locate specific assets, including the ability to search by keywords, metadata, date, location, user, colour and product information. This can save time and increase efficiency by making it easy to find the assets that are needed as quickly as possible.

Access Controls and User Permissions

HIVO digital asset management for retail businesses includes easily setting different levels of access and permissions for different users and use cases. This includes options such as read-only access, full editing capabilities, or the ability to share assets with external collaborators. This ensures secure sharing and collaboration both within and outside the organisation.

Analytics and Reporting

HIVO’s analytics and reporting feature allows retail businesses to track and analyse the usage of all digital assets, including how they are being used across different channels and by different teams. This provides admins with valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and helps identify areas where improvements can be made. This can also help to measure the ROI of the digital assets by evaluating their usage, engagement and conversion rates over time.

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