Digital Asset Management for Research Institutions

HIVO is a cloud-based digital asset management solution designed for research institutions. With HIVO, you can organise and easily access your institution's digital assets, such as images and videos, in a central, searchable location. No more searching through multiple folders, HIVO allows you to share your institution's story in a more efficient manner.

Single Source of Truth

HIVO’s digital asset management software provides a centralised location for all of your digital content, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Smart and Predictive Search

Efficiently view all instances of an image with minimal clicks using AI and advanced search functionality such as facial recognition and predictive search terms.

Image Consent Approvals

Never worry about consent issues again. With HIVO’s consent management module, requesting and managing consent for images and content is easy.

HIVO Digital Asset Management for Research Institutions

Robust Search Functionality

HIVO’s search engine allows users to easily locate specific assets within the system by searching for keywords, metadata tags, or other relevant information associated with the asset. This can include advanced search functionality such as facial recognition, image recognition, text extraction and predictive search.

Access Controls and User Permissions

Administrators can set permissions and access levels for different users within your research institution. This can include options such as read-only access, full editing capabilities, or the ability to share assets with external collaborators. This ensures secure sharing and collaboration both within and external with your institution.

Version Control and Revision History

Users can track changes made to digital assets over time, including who made the changes, at what time and what the changes were. This can be useful for research projects that involve multiple collaborators, or for keeping track of the development lifecycle of an asset and it’s associated IP.

Support for a wide range of File Formats and Media Types

The HIVO digital asset management platform can accommodate a wide range of file formats and media types, including images, videos, audio files, documents, and more. This allows staff at research institutions to store, manage and preview all their digital assets in a single system. HIVO will also automatically convert assets from one media type to another.

Integration with GIS systems

Easily integrate HIVO’s digital asset management platform with the other tools and platforms that research institutions use in their work. For example, website CMS’s, social media tools, lab management systems, data visualisation software, and other research-specific tools can all be integrated. Integrations increase efficiency by eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems.

Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery

Ensure that all assets are protected against data loss due to system failure, power outages, or other unforeseen events. Automated backups are scheduled to occur at regular intervals, and the HIVO system has a native disaster recovery plan in place to quickly restore any lost data.

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