Cloud Storage for Mining Companies

HIVO's digital asset management platform for mining companies provides a centralized and secure way to manage and analyze large amounts of digital assets, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. It also enables real-time monitoring of approval workflows and the sharing of digital assets outside the organization. This leads to improved decision making and increased security of digital assets.

Large File Storage

Seamlessly store large files in HIVO to manage, collaborate and share synchronously with remote teams reducing costly network and backup storage requirements.

Conditional Metadata Schema

HIVO utilises dynamic metadata entry and recall with conditional metadata schema across business unit, subject, topic, corporate affairs, geographic region or other custom fields.

Location Search

Store and search images by location data either via GPS or google maps api to keep track of assets per operating and/ or exploration assets.

HIVO Digital Asset Management for Mining, Resources & Energy companies

Brand Control and Reputation Management

When major oil, gas, and energy companies run a multi-million dollar campaign to rebrand or potentially regain trust after a major disaster, the reputation and integrity of the companies brand is of the utmost importance. While brand reputation is something that can never be entirely controlled, there are proactive steps that mining companies can take to communicate externally to the public in a consistent manner.

Automated Metadata Extraction

Automated metadata extraction is a powerful feature that can help mining, resources and energy companies to efficiently manage your digital assets. By automatically extracting important data from files such as geological surveys, drilling logs, and 3D models, companies can quickly and easily find and use the information you need. The extracted metadata can include information such as file type, creation date, author, and keywords. This makes it easier to search and filter through large amounts of data, which can save time and improve productivity.

Version control

Version control is an important feature for resources and energy companies that need to keep track of changes in their digital assets. With version control, companies can maintain a history of changes made to files such as drilling plans, land use maps, and other documents. This allows you to roll back to previous versions if needed, and maintain an audit trail of the modifications made. Version control also ensures that all team members are working with the most up-to-date version of a file, reducing the risk of errors and confusion.

Advanced search capabilities

Advanced search capabilities in a DAM system can make it easier for resources and energy companies to find the information you need. For example, you can use Boolean operators such as "and", "or", and "not" to search for specific keywords in files. This can help you quickly find the information you need, even if you’re dealing with large amounts of data. Additionally, you can also use filters to narrow down search results based on metadata such as file type, creation date, or author. This can save time and improve productivity by reducing the need to manually sift through large amounts of data.

Integration with GIS systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) are used by resources and energy companies to store, manage, and analyze spatial data. By integrating a DAM system with GIS, companies can link their digital assets with geographic locations, making it easy to find and use relevant resources. For example, overlaying drilling plans or land use maps on top of satellite imagery, making it easy to see the location of resources in relation to other features such as roads, rivers, and infrastructure. This can improve the efficiency of operations, and make it easier to identify new opportunities and potential risks.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation can streamline the process of approving and implementing changes to digital assets. Mining, resources and energy companies often have to go through a series of steps to approve and implement changes to their digital assets, whether it's video production, motion graphics animation or schematic diagrams. Workflow automation can automate tasks such as file approvals, notifications, and versioning. This can improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure that all team members are aware of the status of a project. Additionally, it can also help with compliance and regulation by keeping track of the process, and providing a clear and auditable trail.

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