Digital Asset Management for Construction and Engineering Companies

The HIVO platform streamlines construction and engineering workflows by automating tasks such as file organization, asset workflows and version control. HIVO improves collaboration and communication among team members both on-site and remotely and can scale to handle growing volumes of imagery, videos, documents and all other digital assets.

Simple Sharing of Digital Assets

HIVO enables easy sharing of digital assets and project information with external parties, such as clients, partners and subcontractors, reducing delays and increasing transparency.

Centralised Asset Library and Version Control

HIVO’s digital asset management platform automates and streamlines file organization and version control, making it easier for construction and engineering companies to access and manage the large amount of digital assets (photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets etc.) associated with a project.

Save Time and Money

Predictive metadata with AI automates tagging digital assets, standardizes metadata tags, improves searchability, provides valuable insights and enhances security. It saves time, money and helps organizations make informed decisions about their digital assets.

Digital Asset Management for Construction and Engineering

Brand Control and Reputation Management

For construction and engineering companies, maintaining the reputation and integrity of their brand through campaigns such as rebranding or rebuilding trust after a disaster is crucial. While brand reputation is not always fully controllable, a digital asset management platform can aid companies in consistently communicating with the public and stakeholders in a proactive and consistent manner.

Automated Metadata Extraction

HIVO provides automated metadata extraction, a valuable feature for construction and engineering companies. By automatically extracting data such as file type, creation date, author, copyright, license and keywords from assets like photos, videos, drone imagery and construction plans, companies can easily find and use the information they need. This improves efficiency and productivity by simplifying the process of searching through large amounts of data.

Version Control

Version control is an essential feature for construction and engineering companies to keep track of all changes to their digital assets. HIVO’s digital asset management module provides a complete history of modifications made to files like images and videos captured on a construction site, allowing companies to roll back to previous versions if needed and maintain an audit trail. This reduces the risk of errors and confusion by ensuring all team members are working with the most up-to-date version of a file.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Advanced search capabilities within digital asset management like HIVO make it easier for construction and engineering companies to find the information they need. Boolean operators and filters can be used to search for specific keywords and narrow down results based on metadata like file type and creation date. This saves time and improves productivity by reducing the need to manually search through large amounts of data.

Increased Ability to Track and Analyze Digital Asset Performance

Digital asset management systems, such as the HIVO platform, provide detailed analytics and metrics on the usage of digital assets, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions and optimize the use of their assets. Furthermore, integration with third-party analytics tools offers even more detailed insights into asset performance.

Workflow Automation

HIVO’s workflow automations streamline the process of approving and implementing changes to digital assets. Users can automate tasks such as file approvals, notifications, and versioning for construction and engineering companies, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring all team members are aware of the status of a file or project.

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