HIVO for Monday: Streamline Your Team's Digital Asset Management

With HIVO's new Monday integration, you can search, import, and download your team's digital assets directly from within Monday's platform, streamlining your workflows and improving overall efficiency. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting new integration!

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HIVO Monday App

The HIVO app streamlines digital asset management for creatives. Its search, import, and upload functions simplify workflows, making it easy to manage media assets and focus on creative tasks.


Search your entire HIVO library directly on Browse assets and zoom in on files using the global keyword search.

Attach assets to items

Quickly attach relevant files from your HIVO library to items on your boards and begin your projects. No more uploading and downloading or jumping between tools.


Upload approved assets directly from into your HIVO library, instantly sharing content across teams to deliver better campaign results. Simply select your desired location in HIVO, add metadata, and click upload from