Supercharge Your Figma Workflow with HIVO's Integration

HIVO's Figma integration simplifies digital asset management by allowing you to access and incorporate HIVO media assets directly within Figma. Improve your workflow and increase your team's efficiency with the HIVO integration for Figma.

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HIVO Figma Connector

The HIVO Figma Plugin offers efficient digital asset management for creative professionals. Using search, import, and upload functionalities, users can streamline their workflows and focus on their work. HIVO Figma Plugin simplifies the process of managing media assets, making it a hassle-free experience.


Find and access your digital assets within Figma with ease using HIVO's search functionality.


HIVO enables direct importing of digital assets from its media library into your Figma projects.


You can also export new designs as digital assets to the HIVO media library directly from the Figma interface.