Efficient Digital Asset Management with HIVO's Canva Integration

The HIVO integration for Canva simplifies digital asset management, enabling creatives to easily access and incorporate their digital assets directly within the Canva interface. With HIVO, designers can streamline their workflows and focus on their creative work without having to switch between applications. The integration makes it easier than ever to locate and add new content to your HIVO library, so you can create high-quality designs more efficiently.

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Canva App

HIVO's Canva integration allows marketing teams to seamlessly access and utilize their approved digital assets directly within Canva, enabling efficient and consistent brand communications.


Users can easily locate their approved digital assets within the platform.


Quickly bring their approved assets from a variety of versions into Canva for use in their designs.


Easily share your designs from a range of different file types (image, PowerPoint or PDF) within Canva into your HIVO library.