Efficient Digital Asset Management with HIVO Illustrator Plugin

The HIVO Adobe Illustrator plugin provides a seamless experience, enabling users to easily access, organize, and share their assets without leaving the Illustrator interface. With HIVO, creatives can streamline their workflows and focus on their creative work, confident that their digital assets are well-organized and easily accessible. The HIVO platform is a must-have tool for any creative team looking to take control of their digital assets.

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Adobe HIVO Connector

The HIVO Adobe Illustrator Plugin offers efficient digital asset management for creative professionals. Using search, import, and upload functionalities, users can streamline their workflows and focus on their work. HIVO Illustrator Plugin simplifies the process of managing media assets, making it a hassle-free experience.


Users can quickly locate media assets stored in their HIVO library directly from within the Illustrator interface.


The connector simplifies the process of adding media assets to an Illustrator project, enabling users to easily bring in their chosen assets with just a few clicks.


The connector allows users to access their media library and download assets directly from within the interface, providing a convenient way to add new content to their collection.